Turntable Watch by Flud Watches…

30 Jul

I thought this Karma Loop “Tables Turn” watch by Flud Watches was pretty nifty. It comes in Gun Metal (as pictured), Steel and Gold. Leather and steel bands are also optional. Perfect gift for that special DJ. Click the image for a direct link to Flud Watches courtesey of Karma Loop.

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One response to “Turntable Watch by Flud Watches…

  1. James Hewson

    November 25, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    These Flud watches are a real breath of fresh air. So many brands these days continue with their ‘safe’ designs and can sometimes become somewhat stagnant. Having looked at some of the other watches on Karamaloop it doesn’t stop at this great turntable watch. Especially like the boombox one and I must say the prices are really competitive also.


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