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Dissizit – The Wiz Kid Tee…


All over print.  Inspired by graph artist Vaughn Bode, Tee by Dissizit.  Me likey…


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Cool print of the classic image that started the whole Obey Phenomenology campaign.  I remember seeing these posted up all over Boston a long time ago.  I think i read on the site that they had almost 500,000 stickers distributed globally since Shepard Fairey started pumping these out back in the day.   Found this shirt 50% off marked down to $15 beans on Looks like an all over print but who knows.

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Fatcop XXL Hoodies…


Straight outta Brooklyn, FatCop XXL’s definitely on to something with these all over print hoodies.  White over gold on black, satin lining, and a bullet shell zipper pull are some of the defining features.  These one of a kind print hoodies will set you back 200 bones but they are limited edition with only 36 hoodies made…  Also available in purple. Holla.


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Paid Bless “Classics” Tee…


“Classics” by Paid Bless, a company outta Cali dropped this one.  I liked their “Laced Up” all over print Tee so much I couldn’t decide which one to post.  I went with this one when I saw the selection of CD’s on it; Co-Flo, Roots, RZA, Slick Rick?  DOPE…  Check’em both out as well as the Whitney Houston shirt (rofl) on Kazbah and cop one.

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The Ultimate Warrior…


The ultimate Ultimate Warrior throwback… Yeah thats right, its the Ultimate Warrior logo on an all over print tee.  Available on Karmaloop Kazbah up to XXL by DURKL.  Not sure about the Triple Highlighter colorway.  Personally I think they should have used T.U.W colors for authenticity.  I had to throw a pic of The Ultimate Warrior up, cuz he’s just too intense.  They need to get him on The Surreal life so he can get drunk and yell “SNAP INTO A SLIMJIM BITCHES!”  Click the pic below to see his crazy ass website.



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