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The Fucking Dart (Will Ferrell) Tee by 8103

Love him or hate him (I love him), Will Ferrell has helped produce some of the most memorable characters in comedy over the past decade. This tee pays homage to Frank the Tank’s self inflicted tranquilizer dart shot to the neck. Easily my favorite scene from 2003’s Old School. The shirt will run you $34.99+ shipping @ Karmaloop. I have a hoodie with an identical design and I can tell you that the quality is there. Enter rep code BOOJ for 20% off your order.

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Cerbae – The Cerbaeus Tee…

Cerbae - The Cerbaeus Tee

Cerbae - The Cerbaeus Tee

I been eyefucking this shirt for awhile.  I’ve always been a mythology fan so I gotta give it a post.  The rest of the Cerbae line is definitely worth taking a look at as well.  Peep the Gangs of NY jersey at the bottom.  Props to Blake on getting these guys on Kazbah

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Crooks n Castles Ruling Elite Tee…

New insert by Crooks n Castles, which is part of their Summer 8021 collection that dropped at the end of April. Along with the Bandito line, these are my favorite Crooks designs to hit the stores as of late. They’re not for sale on the Crooks online store yet, but I’ve seen them scattered around the net in a variety of colors. I’m willing to bet they’ll be updated on the site very soon. Or if you live in the LA area, drop by 8021 Melrose for the inside scoop.

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I Love Dipset (No Homo) Tee…

I Love Dipset

Had to holler at my old employers for some bloggy blog material.  When you work at a mix tape site for two years you start to fully appreciate Dipset.  Listening to mixtapes all day can get old so you need a little Dipset.  They always comes through with some funny ass lyrics that make them rise above the rest.  I still sweat Camron verses.  This shirt is a riot because most people don’t know what “a dipset” is.  Hit up the site and cop some new music and check out their selection. 


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Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis…


“When I was dead broke, yo I couldn’t picture this…”  Inspired by Biggie, this shirt features his likeness on the back for those that miss the visual reference.  I’m a fan.  Hit up the Karmaloop Kazbah for more dope clothing by Soulful Commando.

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