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I Miss J Dilla…

Recently I started a play through of all 1500 songs on my MP3 player in order to revisit some old favs and delete some shit I didn’t even know was on it.  One of many artists that stood out in its personal timelessness is J Dilla.  As an ex hip hop fan and having worked in the Mix Tape/DJ retail business for two years, I’ve heard about everything there was to listen to.  I currently have very little hip hop left in my MP3 player due to its lack of actual instruments and redundant themes.  The Big Ls, Tupacs, and Biggies left a void in the genre that can never and will never be filled in my opinion.

Dilla however stands out as a musical super talent even with my own super critical view of hip hop.  Sadly he died prematurely but his body of work is amazing nonetheless.  Even though he’s gone, I smile and turn up the volume whenever he randomly pops on my playlist.  That’s about the best legacy anyone could ask for.


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Slaine “The Boston Project”

Slaine - The Boston Project
With Boston Pride reaching an all-time high, I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to Slaine. Some of you may know him simply as “the fat dude” from Gone Baby Gone and The Town. However, Slaine has broke into the scene years before his acting debut. Born George Carroll, he can be found collaborating on Special Teamz and La Coka Nostra compilations and mixtapes. Slaine’s solo effort, The Boston Project dropped on April 15th the day following the Boston Marathon Bombings.

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Rock the Bells 2011 Line-up is looking serious…

Might have to end my streak of 9+ years without attending a hip-hop show. Rap began to dwindle circa 2000-2001 in my opinion. Even Nas was about five years late on his “Hip-Hop is Dead” record. I think that’s why the top four lines of the above poster is so appealing to me.

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Valens by The Hundreds

Summer is right around the corner. Perfect time for the Hundreds brand to drop the Locs inspired “Valens.” The shape screams LA circa the NWA days. This particular pair of Locs features a shiny black acetate frame with gradient gray lenses. Also available in other colors. Cop here for $79.00. Great way to separate yourself from the countless number of hypebeasts who rock Wayfarers.

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“Move On” revamped for Slaughterhouse EP

Move On is one of my favorite tracks from the Severed Heads Collection (Vol. 2) mixtape. A true testament to the skills of all four Slaughterhouse MC’s.  The remix received a very nice makeover, with a catchy hook and improved emotional beat for the EP. Appropriate since Royce appears to be squashing Shady beef within his part (4:50 mark). When you envision a supergroup comprised of lyricists, these are the type of records you expect.

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Arcane vs. Bender… Best Battle I’ve ever seen…

Just watched this and it totally pulled me in.  I’m not huge on battles really but this one takes the cake in my book.  Both MCs were great; Arcane is vicious and Bender’s wordplay is ridiculous.  See for yourself, had me laughing most of the way through!

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Boston Celtics 2007-2008 NBA Champions!

Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop (Celtics mix/Lakers diss)  *Click pic to listen*

Adidas Championship Big Head t-shirts (Get em while they’re hot!)

Jesus saves!

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Rock the Bells 2008…

North American dates have been set for this year’s tour featuring plenty of legends in the hip-hop game. Ghostface & Raekwon, A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, De La Soul, Rakim, Immortal Technique, Murs, Kidz in the Hall, the Pharcyde, Method Man & Redman, and Mos Def are among those already booked for the tour. Looks like a promising show. Four European dates and one in Japan have also been set. The U.S. dates are as follows:

7/19 Chicago, IL
7/26 Boston, MA
7/27 New York, NY
8/2 Miami, FL
8/3 Philadelphia, PA
8/9 Los Angeles, CA
8/16 San Francisco, CA
8/23 Denver, CO

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Method Man and Redman Blackout 2…


Just got word that after almost 10 years since their original Blackout, Red and Meth are finally back in the studio working on the sequel. Gilla House, E-Sermon, Rocwilder and Premier all doing the majority of producing with appearences by Chamillionaire, Busta & more. I’m happy about this reunion. Blackout was one of my favorite pre-millennium albums. I got a chance to see these two perform at the Hard Knock Life tour back in ’99 and I still consider it one of the best live performances I’ve witnessed. Haven’t been to many hip-hop shows where performers hang from harnesses 20 feet above the crowd, passin blunts back and forth with fans. When these two get together the energy between them is unreal.


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Bling’d – Blood, Diamonds & Hip Hop


I caught this VH1 Rock Doc the other day and was pretty shocked.  Raekwon, Paul Wall & Tego Calderon travel to Sierra Leone and get a first hand glimpse of the diamond industry and its impact on the people.  Its one thing to hear about “a shorty armless” and another thing to see the footage. The disturbing irony of this show is that MTV/VH1 conglomerate is responsible for flashing more diamonds than any other TV channels… Hmmm…


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Talib x Madlib = Liberation


The latest collabo from Madlib and Kweli dropping on Talib’s Blacksmith Music.  Got this the other day and as a Madlib fan I was most impressed by Talib on this one.  Madlib is genius as usual but Talib quit chasing his mainstream ambitions long enough to drop this gem.  Best Talib I’ve heard in awhile.  Hit up Mixunit to read more and cop it.

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