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Knockout of the year (thus far)

Don’t ask me how Fernando Montiel was able to get up after this one hitter quitter. You’d think being out cold on the mat, twitching is grounds for the ref to stop a fight. Unfortunately we all know how boneheaded boxing officials are when it comes to protecting the safety of fighters. Let’s just hope no further damage was accumulated after Fernando got up and took two more big shots before the fight was inevitably called to a halt. Nonito Donaire with KO of the year as February 20th.

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Devon Alexander vs. Timothy Bradley: Face-Off “I’m willing to die”

Easy fight of the year candidate. This may end up being a more technical Gatti vs. Ward. I’m completely torn on my prediction. Bradley is the busier fighter and is a little bit more seasoned. Alexander owns the speed and power advantages. Both fighters, with the company of Amir Khan are head and shoulders above the rest of the 140 lb’ers skillwise. I do not see anyone standing in their way of being close to the top of P4P rankings in the near future.

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez II…


Four years after their featherweight championship bout resulted in a split draw, Manny “Pacman” and Juan Manuel Marquez finally meet again tonight in Vegas for the junior lightweight belt.  It’s sure to be another exciting matchup (I don’t know if it could possibly top their first fight). Pacquiao fights are almost guaranteed worth the price of the PPV, but you can usually find a live stream on the net too. I’ll be tuning in to this one.


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Boxing Year in Review (2007)…

I like how HBO does this at the end of every year to build things up for the next year. There are a bunch fights I’m particularly interested in that have been set for 2008. Among them are Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe & Zab Judah vs. Shane Mosley. I’d also like to see Winky Wright more in spotlight before it’s too late. The heavyweight division is a question mark as always, which is not good for fanbase; it would be nice if a few studs popped up out of nowhere to give it a boost.

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Roy Jones Jr. defeats Felix Trinidad easily…


I meant to make this post the day after the fight but better late than never. Roy Jones handled Tito Trinidad Saturday night in a dominating and entertaining performance. He dropped Tito in the 7th and then another flash knockdown in the 10th pretty much wrapped up the W for him. Jones looked pretty good but lacked that killer instinct he used to have. He easily could’ve have finished Tito off in the 7th. His taunting and shuffling somewhat made up for it though haha. This win opens up a few more opportunities for him however. It will be good to see him get a couple more big fights before he’s done for sure. Click either GIF above to watch the entire fight from Saturday night.

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Roy Jones Jr. vs. Tito Trinidad

It’s goin down on January 19th. I’m excited to see one of the all-time P4P greatest fighters back in the ring. Both Tito and RJJ are way past their primes, but both still have enough left to give us a war. My prediction is Roy Jones with a KO victory to put a cherry on his brilliant career.

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Malignaggi eyes Ricky Hatton…

Paulie Malignaggi 

Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi spit flames at Ricky Hatton today. “The more I see of Ricky, the more I think he’s scared to get hit and that’s why he fights the way he does.” I’d love to see this fight go down. Malignaggi represents the re-birth of Italian American boxing, which is great for the sport. I see him putting on a clinic if this fight gets made. We’ll have to wait and see if Ricky mans up. Click the above pic for the article. Click here for the video of Paulie callin Ricky out.

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