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So logging into Youtube to get a tutorial to fix something on my car, I figured I’d get distracted for about 4 hours.     This little gem appeared on my homepage and I can’t help but be insanely impressed by this dude.  Check out his other vids he’s legit.


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I Miss J Dilla…

Recently I started a play through of all 1500 songs on my MP3 player in order to revisit some old favs and delete some shit I didn’t even know was on it.  One of many artists that stood out in its personal timelessness is J Dilla.  As an ex hip hop fan and having worked in the Mix Tape/DJ retail business for two years, I’ve heard about everything there was to listen to.  I currently have very little hip hop left in my MP3 player due to its lack of actual instruments and redundant themes.  The Big Ls, Tupacs, and Biggies left a void in the genre that can never and will never be filled in my opinion.

Dilla however stands out as a musical super talent even with my own super critical view of hip hop.  Sadly he died prematurely but his body of work is amazing nonetheless.  Even though he’s gone, I smile and turn up the volume whenever he randomly pops on my playlist.  That’s about the best legacy anyone could ask for.


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Slaine “The Boston Project”

Slaine - The Boston Project
With Boston Pride reaching an all-time high, I’ll take this opportunity to introduce you to Slaine. Some of you may know him simply as “the fat dude” from Gone Baby Gone and The Town. However, Slaine has broke into the scene years before his acting debut. Born George Carroll, he can be found collaborating on Special Teamz and La Coka Nostra compilations and mixtapes. Slaine’s solo effort, The Boston Project dropped on April 15th the day following the Boston Marathon Bombings.

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Easily my most listened to song of 2012, had to give Volumes some props.  They were my go to snowboard (and gym) soundtrack this season which saw some pretty spectacular powder days so I’ve definitely bonded with their last album VIA.

Caught them at 2011 and 2012 NE Metalfests, these guys show up live too and the ones I met are super cool guys.  If you’re already a fan go buy some merch and support these dudes.

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Crush Em All Tour Review…

Just saw the Crush Em All Tour this past Monday at The Met in Pawtucket RI.  Co-headlined by Veil of Maya and After The Burial, the tour also included Misery Signals and Within the Ruins as well as Structures.  Originally I though Volumes was playing but they played select dates in order to join a different tour to promote their new album “VIA” which is sick.

I got there at the beginning of Within the Ruins set.  I saw them at Metal Fest this year, they are pretty solid. Singer seemed pissed the crowd was hardly moving but on a Monday at 7:30 in Pawtucket you aren’t gonna get much energy…  Kudos to him for trying though.

I was looking forward to Misery Signals the most as their album “Controller” is in steady rotation on my MP3 player.  They didn’t disappoint and the crowd was really into them; there were some die hard MS fans fucking shit up.  I figured they would be the best band of the night but I couldn’t even pick a favorite if I tried.

After The Burial really killed it.  Their lead guitarist Trent Hafdahl is a BEAST.  I haven’t been that impressed by a guitarist in a long time.  “Aspirations” is ridiculous live.  Both guitarists ripped on black-light 8 strings and the singer kept the energy super high.  He dedicated a song to his late mother which was so intense it gave me the chills.  The whole band was impressive.

Veil of Maya is a band I never really got into but live they were great, very technical. Sometimes it takes seeing a band live to get into them.

I would definitely HIGHLY recommend both this tour and seeing any of these bands perform outside the tour.
The Met is also a decent little venue.  Lots of pillars so I can’t see any great pits going on here (the circle pit attempt was interesting) but spacious with good sound and a nice deck for smokers.  Too bad Pawtucket is a fucking shithole!

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Rock the Bells 2011 Line-up is looking serious…

Might have to end my streak of 9+ years without attending a hip-hop show. Rap began to dwindle circa 2000-2001 in my opinion. Even Nas was about five years late on his “Hip-Hop is Dead” record. I think that’s why the top four lines of the above poster is so appealing to me.

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A. Samuels is “Livin De Life”

55 year old casino executive Allen Samuels has one of the best mid life crisis’ going. Now he just needs to learn how to dress. I don’t know why but I actually enjoyed this tune. Dude is sending a positive message and gloating about shit he’s actually done. Good for him. Now stop it.

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“La Haine” AKA “Hate” the film…

La Haine Trailer from Nicolas Heller on Vimeo.

I first saw this as a film major at Emerson College about 9 years ago.  Shortly thereafter I quit film school when I realized that 98% of “films” are nowhere near as amazing as this one.  If you can’t handle subtitles, (the whole film is in French) then you should stop being a fucking pussy, learn how to read, and watch this incredible film.

Love the black and white and the three main characters and acting are amazing.  The social, racial and economic issues are always at the fore front here as the French projects get crazy after a Muslim youth is beaten into a coma by reckless cops.  Referred to as the French “Boys in The Hood”, La Haine really gives you a great insight into French B-boy and street culture and makes you realize its really no different then our own.  The racial unity is also a refreshing change of scenery.  The below scene is Cut Killer dropping some anti-cop dopeness on his hood, one of my favorite scenes.

Couldn’t find the trailer in English Subtitles but check it out on Netflix where it rocks a five star rating.  The ending gives me chills no matter how many times I see this…

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Dubstep X Beatboxing…

Like dude says in this clip, Beatboxing for the past 20 years has been a baby.  It’s kinda funny that Dubstep is taking it to that next “Toddler” level.

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Update: Have to click this vid and watch this shit on YouTube.  Fuck you Sony!

I’m a filthy dubstep remix addict… You know this dude (Gene Kelly)  just smashed a “Slump-Buster” and “Got his Swagga Back”.  This is totally what that feels like which is why it makes me piss myself laughing.  This one is my new personal favorite via SaladUK who consistently kills these dubstep mashups.

And props to Gene Kelly for killing “Singing in the Rain”.  Dude is rocking the robot, popping, ticking, all kinds of sick moves for 19-fucking-52.  Respect!!


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Rebecca Black – Death Metal Friday…

I’m a huge fan of video mashups.  So when I saw this Death Metal cover on YouTube’s homepage I knew it had to be worth it.  Doing my due diligence this Rebecca Black chick apparently made “The Worst Song in The World”, got 36 million YouTube hits as a result, and the backlash has been fairly epic.  NO you shouldn’t see how bad it is for yourself just trust me and watch the clever Death Metal Version ridicule this poor bitch!   Props to the kids who made it, Jarett Norton and Danny Dodge.

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Tony Danza vs. Rick Ross: The Conclusive “Title Fight”…

Tony Danza vs Rick Ross

Tony Danza vs Rick Ross

Maybe it’s because I’m an 80’s baby, but I’ve always associated the word “Boss” with Tony Danza.  So recently I had an epiphany when I realized that at some point, Rick Ross totally jacked Tony Danza’s “Boss” title…  What the fuck man!?  You can’t just go and do that shit without a formal BigSteez analysis… So now I’m forced to go and play a game called:


Since this is a “Title Fight” it will be 5 rounds or til there’s a KO.

Round One: WHO ARE THEY: The Basics…

RICK ROSS – Black rap dude with an amazing beard and a butt load of tattoos.  I say that because he has so many tattoos, odds are he has some on his butt cheeks.  But that many is definitely “Bossish” in that he hired a ton of artists to tattoo the said buttocks.

TONY DANZA – A good lookin, good cookin, Italian American actor.  His unorthodox portrayal of a funny, sensitive, domestic male probably made him the 1990s largest target for girls to throw their vaginas at.  A very “Boss Like” quality indeed…’s_the_Boss%3F

ROUND ONE GOES TO DANZA: Danza’s Pussy magnet > a huge beard & tats.


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Nate Dogg… 1969~2011

It’s rare when you can trace your personal life through an artist. I feel like I can do that with my childhood and Nate’s career. From 1994-2008 he was basically a staple of the biggest west coast anthems, while still maintaining a solid career making hits with the most prominent rappers across the board. Rest in peace to an og.

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“Move On” revamped for Slaughterhouse EP

Move On is one of my favorite tracks from the Severed Heads Collection (Vol. 2) mixtape. A true testament to the skills of all four Slaughterhouse MC’s.  The remix received a very nice makeover, with a catchy hook and improved emotional beat for the EP. Appropriate since Royce appears to be squashing Shady beef within his part (4:50 mark). When you envision a supergroup comprised of lyricists, these are the type of records you expect.

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Saigon’s “The Greatest Story Never Told” is a classic

This is the first full length album in I don’t know how long where I was able to sit and listen start to finish without skipping a single track. Sai’s lyrical ability is truly amazing. Content, storytelling technique, and flow is all top notch. The production is on point as well. Just Blaze deserves a hand for his efforts. Not one weak spot in 18 tracks. I also love how Saigon is throwing out positive messages (a salute to emcees I listened to at an early age) to the youth, yet managing to keep it gully at the same time. It really takes an intelligent lyricist to paint such vivid images of urban blight the way Saigon did. Tracks like “Believe It” and “It’s Alright” reminded me of more modern versions of Wu Syndicate’s “Where was Heaven” and Ghostface’s “All That I got is You.” Hip hop intended to evoke emotions while delivering an encouraging message. A pretty common theme within “The Greatest Story….” I see this being in my rotation for years to come. 10/10 for me easy.

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