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KG’s “Beat LA” Anta High Tops…


Kevin Garnett Custom High Tops

Mother Fucking KG is a bad bad man

Kevin Garnett has officially taken his shit-talk game to the next level… That’s right those numbers are the Boston Celtics‘ all time record vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.  Being a die hard Boston Celtics fan, I got a good laugh from this.  In all seriousness, I despise the Lakers more than any sports team on the planet and I hope Gasol and Odom die in a freak accident involving bungee cords, lube, and light explosives.

I love seeing KG aiming his Laser Death Gaze on the purple and yellow bitches before playoff season starts but this is impressive.  Granted, they are on a West Coast tour at the moment just having beat Portland they and play the Lakers on Sunday 1/30/11 where he will debut these bad ass kicks while dropping a fat double-double in Gasol’s ugly fuckin face.  Sorry, I get carried away…  Click here for some more images or here for Game Highlights.


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Kevin Garnett Adidas Commander 2008 NBA Finals Edition…

These are a collector’s edition of Kevin Garnett’s signature ‘Commander’ model just released by Adidas to commemorate the Celtics run at their 17th NBA Championship against their greatest rival. Each pair produced is KG’s size 15, tributes deceased former Minnesota athletes Kirby Puckett & Malik Sealy and all proceeds benefit the NBA Cares program. If you want a piece you are going to have to cough up $1017. Click the pic for a more detailed description and alternate views of the sneakers.




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Boston Celtics 30-5…


Hard to believe. At this time last year, their record was 11-24. Up until about a week ago it looked as if they were gonna flirt with the Bulls’ record 72-10 season. Now it seems they’ve put it on cruise control and are saving some of that energy and intensity they had early on for the playoffs. I was at opening night against the Wizards on Nov. 2nd. Click the big 3 above for a video of the introduction & starting lineups on that night. I don’t think there has been a more hype crowd for the Celtics since the ‘Boston Garden’ days.


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A long time coming for the Celtics…

With all the hype surrounding the World Series Winners, the Boston Red Sox and undefeated New England Patriots, Boston fans have to big up Danny Ainge and Boston Celtics’ front office.  Shaking up the roster in the off-season with some veteran star power (Garnett and Allen), they’ve made the Celtics possible contenders and put them up there hypewise with the Sox and Pats.  Also notable is the reinforced bench with Posey, Eddie House, and “Big Baby” Davis.  Check out this sick mix of of the team’s 2007-2008 squad.  Stay tuned for more Celtics highlights.

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