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Air Jordan Ray Allen XIII PE Update

Release date: 7/23/11

Rumored Retailers:
House of Hoops (Cambridge, MA; London, UK)
Nike Town (Newbury Street Boston, MA)
XSquared (Boston, MA)
Concepts (Boston, MA)
Bodega (Boston, MA)
Sole Fly (Miami, FL)

Supply: Undisclosed, but very limited

MSRP: $175.00

(t-shirt debuts alongside sneaker)

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KG’s “Beat LA” Anta High Tops…


Kevin Garnett Custom High Tops

Mother Fucking KG is a bad bad man

Kevin Garnett has officially taken his shit-talk game to the next level… That’s right those numbers are the Boston Celtics‘ all time record vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.  Being a die hard Boston Celtics fan, I got a good laugh from this.  In all seriousness, I despise the Lakers more than any sports team on the planet and I hope Gasol and Odom die in a freak accident involving bungee cords, lube, and light explosives.

I love seeing KG aiming his Laser Death Gaze on the purple and yellow bitches before playoff season starts but this is impressive.  Granted, they are on a West Coast tour at the moment just having beat Portland they and play the Lakers on Sunday 1/30/11 where he will debut these bad ass kicks while dropping a fat double-double in Gasol’s ugly fuckin face.  Sorry, I get carried away…  Click here for some more images or here for Game Highlights.


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Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey Shirt…

Ray Allen’s character in He Got Game


From one of my all-time fav sports flicks. I thought this idea up awhile back, but what I had in mind was a real deal authentic piece. took the cheaper route for now and made the t-shirt jersey version available on their online store.



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Sasha Vujacic Contemplates suicide… Comes out of closet…

It’s no secret, Sasha Vujacic sucks balls and isn’t afraid to show it on the court.  I’m forced to draw the conclusion that sucking balls that hard equates to him being gay.  He may however be my favorite salami pirate, as I owe him endless gratitude for letting Ray “Iceberg” Allen stroll by him for the game sealing 4th quarter layup in Game 4.  No to take anything away from Ray Ray, he’s the man, but seriously how does one get in the NBA playing such cupcake defense?  That’s a career ending fuck up if C’s win the Finals.

During a press conference, LA’s most fruity baller had this to say about his defensive mistake… “Shit, I am seriously horrible.  I need a mimosa and a rimjob…”

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You got Rondo’d!

Had to post a Rondo highlight for all the BBall fans or anyone checking out the Finals.  Definitely my favorite point guard in the league regardless of growing up a Celtics fan.  He brings that streetball style and great court sense that so many players don’t utilize.  Basically, he just fuckin fun to watch.  I read something in the paper about how players are using “Rondo’d” as a term for getting burned by the high flying 6 foot one incher.

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