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Adrenaline Crew DVD’s…

Probably one of the most insane Trailers I’ve ever seen.  These dudes are fuckin crazy.  Bikes, boobs, brawls, booze…  Sure fire entertainment for the modern man.  You can appreciate this even if you don’t ride motorcycles.  The third installment is dropping soon but the #2 trailer is my favorite so it gets love.  Check out their website and cop the DVDs at Best Buy, Virgin Stores, FYE, or Barnes & Noble.

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Nissan Nismo 350Z…


 Added as a late 2007 model, this 6 Speed manual tranny Nissan is available now.  This NISMO addition features a stiff suspension and a sick little body kit.  Engine features however are stock to the 350Z.  NISMO is Nissan’s subsidiary for racing and tuning models and makes kits available for almost all Nissan autos.  If you’re a Nissan enthusiast hit up this link and download the NISMO catalog.

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Big Papi’s Mercedes SL65…


Want to know what it feels like to be Big Papi? All you have to do is drop $465,500 and counting. There have been over 86,000 hits to the ebay page of the Mercedes SL65 AMG David Ortiz is getting rid of. This beauty was purchased by Papi for $205,000 and then he threw an extra 35K into it. He’ll deliver it you at Fenway Park personally. Hurry up there is less than 24 hrs. before it’s gone. Click the pic to check the status.


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Autobon Productions Volume 1…

The first installment by the crew at Autobon Productions. Including plenty of import racing/show footage, skate and snowboarding, fighting and more. The video has been years in the making so it should be pretty dope.

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2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe…


 Available now at Infiniti dealers, the G37 Coupe is a sexy upgrade to already tasty G35 Coupe.  If you’ve ever driven the G35 you’ll be hot and bothered when you see this on the streets.  Available bells and whistles include a 9.3 gig Music Box Hard Drive, one of the best audio systems available to automobiles by Bose, and a touch screen Nav system. 
Oh yeah and 330 horsepower…

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Volvo X Burton Snowboards X Heico


This experimental hatchback C30 is Volvo’s answer to the Audi A3 and with a Heico tuned engine pumping 300 horse-power + all wheel drive, I thought it was damn sexy little city car…  Switch out that boring Volvo grill and print it…

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Ferrari Enzo X Eddie Griffin

Fresh Haircut……….. – $25

White Designer Blazer… – $500

Ferrari Enzo………… – $1.2 Million

Not looking like the biggest D-Bag of all times… _______

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