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UFC on Versus 4: Barry vs. Kongo predictions…

Rick Story and Anthony Johnson were originally scheduled to headline this card. Johnson had to pull out with an injury, so the UFC replaced him with Nate Marquardt. Now earlier today Marquardt had to pull out because he was not medically cleared to fight. Finally in comes Charlie Brenneman who will hopefully be last name thrown in the mix.

 Rick Story must have some set of balls on him. He begins training camp with plans to fight Johnson. Then he has to switch it up and train for Marquadt instead. Now here we are less than 36 hours away from the bout and Dana throws in Charlie Brenneman. Not only that, Story is bumped of the main event. He must be pretty desperate for a payday because training for three different fighters in one camp is no easy task. I hope for Story’s sake that it doesn’t come back to bite him in the ass.

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Dana White goes off on EliteXC…

And rightfully so. I share the same sentiments if it’s true that Shaw and Elite may have tampered with the fight. I love White for not holding back. RIP EliteXC.

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Floyd Mayweather signs with UFC?…

I don’t know how legit some of these rumors are but I’ve read reports from more than one website stating that Floyd will be making an announcement sometime this week of his plans to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Last week he declared himself ‘retired’ from boxing, something he’s done in the past and not stayed true to. But he was about to make a big payday by fighting his second fight with De La Hoya in September. Passing up cash like that tells me he’s got something big lined up. Click the pic for the report and stay tuned for developments…

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Roy Jones Jr. on Dana White…

Little clip of Roy calling Dana White out on his double standard regarding Floyd Mayweather in the UFC and Anderson Silva boxing. Not much has become of this story since Anderson first challenged Roy last month. Maybe Roy taunting Dana White will get something poppin.

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UFC buys Pride… cuz they can…

If you hadn’t heard already, UFC has acquired Pride FC in a undisclaimed 8 figure deal.  What does this mean for MMA?  Former Pride rules including soccer kicks, face stomps, and knees to the head while the opponent is on the ground shall be forever banished (booooo) as UFC inacts all MMA fights to abide by their precommissioned rules.  Pride fights shall still be held in a ring and UFC in their Octagon. 
     Amongst other things I worry about as an MMA fan is the infamous UFC Bullshit stepping stone matchups spilling over to PRIDE…  The worst however will be PRIDE fights being banished from YouTube such as UFC fights were, and only available for download ala carte at a few bucks a piece…  An MMA Superbowl event is expected, but I’d rather have seen Pride buy UFC… 

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