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Red Bull Art Of Motion Highlights London 2011…

Awesome competition with some pretty crazy highlights.  Looks like these dudes step it up big time for competitions, the tricks were a lot more dangerously technical than they normally seem.  Sick course too. I was just commenting the other day on how many athletes Red Bull seems to sponsor.  Seems like they really share that energy crack money.  How do I get some!?

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Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson…

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko

Currently this fight is having its contract worked out by Strikeforce and M1 to take place in July at an unconfirmed weight class.  As a Pride fan, I love this matchup.  Both fighters throw haymakers that could kill a man and both are equipped for a ground battle should it come down to it.  No BJJ in this match, should be pure standup. 

That being said, there’s a lot of talk about Fedor retiring after his last two fights which he lost by a Triangle to Verdum and a TKO by Antonio Silva.  Lately I’ve been trolling some threads where basically everyone has been discrediting Fedor and dismissing him as washed up and over rated.  I’m not sure where these people get off calling the greatest heavyweight in MMA history “over rated” but its kind of a knock on ignorant American fans that probably didn’t even follow Pride at any point or see any of his fights.  Its easy to erroneously state he fought no name guys in Pride, but statistically, a lot of these kids running their mouths didn’t even watch Pride back then as they were still being weened off WWF and suckling the teet of TUF and UFC by Chuck Liddell and Ortiz vs Shamrock rematches.

A lot of arguments I read present valid points on both sides, but the Fedor haters are forgetting one thing: Read the rest of this entry »


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Random Epic Highlight Reel…

This is one of the better highlight clips I’ve ever seen with such a wide variety of stunts/sports.  Starts off slow but it gets crazy.  I’m a fan of the Shaolin finger flip. What’s your favorite stunt?


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Top Dunks & Blocks from the 2007-2008 NBA Season…

NBA TV has released it’s annual Top 10’s including the most popular… loudest dunks and blocks. My personal favorite was Nocioni riding Songaila like a horse straight to the rim (no homo). That jam was straight white on white violence. Stay tuned for top plays from the MLB.

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