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Kimbo makes quick work of James Wade in boxing debut [video]

Kimbo Slice is a bona fide hustler. Started out as a high school and college linebacker, but was denied by the Miami Dolphins in his only tryout with the team. Discovered that football wasn’t his calling, so he took to the street earning e-props as one of the best alleyway brawlers. Meanwhile, he was up to his elbows in ass as a bodyguard for the Reality Kings porno dudes. MMA promoters finally discovered him and paid Kimbo to put his street skills to the ultimate test (something the entire MMA world was calling for). He squeezed as much out of mixed martial arts as he possibly could and now he’ll probably live out the remainder of his athletic career beating up tomato cans while the world enjoys the show. That’s what I call the American Dream.

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Plaxico Burress pulls a Cheddar Bob…shoots himself in the leg

I’m glad the dude is okay. You can’t help but laugh when trying to imagine what could have been going on the moment Plax Cheddar Bob’d. I’m pretty anxious for details to emerge in this one. Seems like the majority of all this off-the-field b/s involves wide receivers and DB’s. Hmm… this is the first ‘one’ he caught since week 11.

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Euro 2008…

I found this hilarious video of footballers taking ridiculous dives. I thought it was appropriate with Euro 2008 in full swing. Now I know where Manu Ginobili’s style of basketball came from. The UEFA games are on everyday on ESPN2 at 11:50 am and 2:50 pm Eastern. Spain and Portugal are looking the strongest to me thus far. The story of the tournament however is the Dutch destruction of Italy 3-0. First time in 30 years Italy lost to the Netherlands.

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Rhain Davis, the ‘Doogie Howser’ of Soccer…

This kid Rhain Davis is pretty amazing. He was offered a spot in the Manchester United Academy at only 9 years old after his grandpa posted this clip on Youtube. Peep the trip and slam at :40.

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The Great White Hope

With Vick about to go down for the whole pitbull fighting scandal, the NFL and football in general is going to need some exciting additions. High schooler Sam McGuffie could provide that. Who knew a white running back had swag like that?

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