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Kimbo makes quick work of James Wade in boxing debut [video]

Kimbo Slice is a bona fide hustler. Started out as a high school and college linebacker, but was denied by the Miami Dolphins in his only tryout with the team. Discovered that football wasn’t his calling, so he took to the street earning e-props as one of the best alleyway brawlers. Meanwhile, he was up to his elbows in ass as a bodyguard for the Reality Kings porno dudes. MMA promoters finally discovered him and paid Kimbo to put his street skills to the ultimate test (something the entire MMA world was calling for). He squeezed as much out of mixed martial arts as he possibly could and now he’ll probably live out the remainder of his athletic career beating up tomato cans while the world enjoys the show. That’s what I call the American Dream.

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Kimbo Slice Knocked Out in 1st Round…

Mad props to Dave in Manchester NH for throwing his cash on Pertuzelli on my advice.  I don’t know what’s worse, this fight or the horrible announcers.  I’m pretty happy Kimbo got dropped cuz he acts way to hard for someone thats totally unproven in MMA.  His entourage is silly, his past fights are pathetic and I’m totally sick of him.  He didn’t even tap gloves with Petruzelli at the beginning.  It must really suck being the King at barekuckle backyard fights and getting to the big leagues and looking like a loser. 

Kimbo got owned by a sissy punch too…

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Kimbo Slice to headline EliteXC on CBS Primetime card…

Kimbo, now at 3-0, is set to bang with the 6’5″ 265 pounder James Thompson as the main event for the premiere of EliteXC on CBS taking place on May 31st. The card also features some of the EliteXC’s most popular stars including Gina Carano, Robbie Lawler, Scott Smith & Phil Baroni. Bout time an organization reached a deal so MMA fans could tune in for free on the weekend. Nice job EliteXC.



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MMA to CBS?…


Interesting article from Yahoo! Sports. Seems like this could be the first legit threat to the UFC on Spike TV. Also, Mark Cuban and Oscar De La Hoya have become involved with starting organizations and possibly signing fighters; Bud Light has signed a 3-year deal with the UFC. MMA is quickly becoming more widely accepted. And now with the good possibility of EliteXC on CBS Saturday primetime, the sport could draw huge ratings. There’s also word that Kimbo Slice may headline the first card! Click the banner to check out the story.

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Kimbo Knocks Out Tank in 43 seconds…


What did you expect? Tank got his ass handed to him. Kimbo put him face down in 43 seconds. Funny how much hype can go into a fight that only lasts 43 seconds but blame Tank for being a washed up retard. I know he helped create UFC blah blah blah but I never thought Tank was any good anyways compared to the people with technique like Oleg Taktarov, Severn, and Don Frye. People that actually won.

At least maybe now we can lay the Kimbo vs. Tank hype to rest and see him fight someone that actually has a chance of winning. Maybe a Sean Gannon rematch??? Kimbo isn’t a young dude so he needs to make a solid push against some tough heavyweights if he wants to impress people cuz beating up bitches isn’t gonna cut it anymore…


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Tank Abbott on Jimmy Kimmel…

The 42 year old brawler appeared on the late night show with Jimmy Kimmel to speak on how he got his nickname, his history as a mixed martial artist, his partying lifestyle and the upcoming bout with Kimbo on February 16th. This dude seems like he doesn’t give a f*ck about anything.

Updated video: 2/21/2011

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Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott…


Looks like this fight is going to happen after all! EliteXC has announced that Kimbo and Tank will headline their February 16th card in Kimbo’s backyard of Miami, FL. Click the pic for the story. After this, time for Kimbo to step it up and throw down with someone who is under 40. Props to Elite for gettin this made though. I know there would be a lot of pissed off fans if these two never stepped in the cage together. Too bad a lot of the hype has died down since the announcement for the original date.

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Kimbo on ESPN…

Kimbo is going to be featured this week on the new ESPN show E:60. I saw an ad yesterday. Looks like it is going to be a segment concerning his rise from street brawler to MMA star. It airs tomorrow December 11th at 7:00 PM ET on one of the major ESPN networks. Tune in…

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Kimbo Slice Wins First EliteXC Fight…

Keeping up with KimboWatch 2007, he promply annihilated his first MMA opponent in less than 20 seconds.  I don’t know anything about his opponent Bo Cantrell and watching the footage I don’t think I want to; he flopped and covered up faster than any of Kimbo’s chubby bareknuckled opponents from his street fighting videos.  As much as those backyard opponents looked like chumps, Bo Cantrell actually validated some of them that lasted longer than he did without gloves.  Anyways I thought Kimbo looked sharp and I think UFC should buy out his contract and throw him some bigger name fights.  General opinion says that Kimbo is an MMA joke but with his strength, speed, and skill I predict he will do well in MMA if he can upgrade from EliteXC which is pretty much a sham.  Headlining that card was Nick Diaz who lost to K.J. Noons.

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Kimbo Slice EliteXC debut…


Unfortunately, it looks as though we’re going to have to wait for the long anticipated Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott brawl. Now that Kimbo has signed, EliteXC apparently has different plans for the notorious underground fighter as they’ve scheduled his debut to take place November 10th against Mike Bourke at EliteXC: Renegade on Showtime. This could be better for Kimbo though, since it puts him in a position to train hard and take the game seriously as he’s not going to be fighting washed up sluggers anymore.  Edit: He is still fighting washed up sluggers…

To Watch the Fight Click Here!!!


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Kimbo vs. Tank off…


The much anticipated matchup between brawlers Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott set for October 12th has been cancelled due to contract disputes within Cage Fury Fighting Championships organization. Supposedly Palace Fighting Championship president Christian Printup is attempting to keep the fight afloat by transferring the fight to one of their cards. PFC’s next event is scheduled for less than a week after the CFFC event and the fight would likely be added to that card. Props to for the updates.


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Kimbo trains with Bas…


Click the Kimbo Slice image to watch him train boxing for his bout with Tank Abbott on October 12th. Kimbo has upped his training and has gotten a few coaches including Bas Rutten to give him some more versatility in all areas of his game. Kimbo will also be on a new mixed martial arts show called “The Iron Ring” on BET.  No word on when it’s going to drop however.

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Kimbo vs. Tank


Following his June defeat of former heavyweight champ Ray Mercer, Kimbo called out the well-known UFC brawler Tank Abbott. Sources have said recently that the Tank Abbott vs. Kimbo Slice matchup will likely take place at CFFC 6 in October. Two legendary sluggers will battle it out in a bout that should end quickly. Hardly MMA though…

Update: Refer to this post for Kimbo Vs. Tank update… CLICK HERE



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