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Air Jordan Ray Allen XIII PE Update

Release date: 7/23/11

Rumored Retailers:
House of Hoops (Cambridge, MA; London, UK)
Nike Town (Newbury Street Boston, MA)
XSquared (Boston, MA)
Concepts (Boston, MA)
Bodega (Boston, MA)
Sole Fly (Miami, FL)

Supply: Undisclosed, but very limited

MSRP: $175.00

(t-shirt debuts alongside sneaker)

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Air Jordan fans, feast your eyes on these…Ray Allen XIII Player Exclusive

Ahhh finally! I’ve been waiting for these puppies since Ray set the all-time 3 pt. record against the Lakers in February. I wasn’t sure they were ever going to be available to the public. Always thought the one pair would be taken off Ray’s feet, shipped to the Hall of Fame and that would be that. Rumors have quickly circulated that this special pair of Ray Allen XIII’s will be a limited release. The sample above is a little different than the ones he sported, which I liked better. The signature on the tongue looks a lot cleaner than the bubble lettering. No dates have been discussed (that I know). Updates to follow.

06/21/11 UPDATE!!! (Release info ↓)

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Sasha Vujacic Contemplates suicide… Comes out of closet…

It’s no secret, Sasha Vujacic sucks balls and isn’t afraid to show it on the court.  I’m forced to draw the conclusion that sucking balls that hard equates to him being gay.  He may however be my favorite salami pirate, as I owe him endless gratitude for letting Ray “Iceberg” Allen stroll by him for the game sealing 4th quarter layup in Game 4.  No to take anything away from Ray Ray, he’s the man, but seriously how does one get in the NBA playing such cupcake defense?  That’s a career ending fuck up if C’s win the Finals.

During a press conference, LA’s most fruity baller had this to say about his defensive mistake… “Shit, I am seriously horrible.  I need a mimosa and a rimjob…”

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Boston Celtics 30-5…


Hard to believe. At this time last year, their record was 11-24. Up until about a week ago it looked as if they were gonna flirt with the Bulls’ record 72-10 season. Now it seems they’ve put it on cruise control and are saving some of that energy and intensity they had early on for the playoffs. I was at opening night against the Wizards on Nov. 2nd. Click the big 3 above for a video of the introduction & starting lineups on that night. I don’t think there has been a more hype crowd for the Celtics since the ‘Boston Garden’ days.


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A long time coming for the Celtics…

With all the hype surrounding the World Series Winners, the Boston Red Sox and undefeated New England Patriots, Boston fans have to big up Danny Ainge and Boston Celtics’ front office.  Shaking up the roster in the off-season with some veteran star power (Garnett and Allen), they’ve made the Celtics possible contenders and put them up there hypewise with the Sox and Pats.  Also notable is the reinforced bench with Posey, Eddie House, and “Big Baby” Davis.  Check out this sick mix of of the team’s 2007-2008 squad.  Stay tuned for more Celtics highlights.

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