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Air Jordan IV White/Cement vol. 2012

I’ve been going back and forth on these for the past two months and still haven’t made up my mind. Obviously, there is a lot of concern surrounding the price tag. The 1999 version of this sneaker retailed at $100.00. Fast forward about 13 years. Nike now plans to throw these on shelves as of February 18th and demand $160.00 per pair. Is inflation that much of a bitch? $160.00 for a sneaker with 1989 technology is asking a little much, no?

Secondly are the minor (major in my eyes) detail adjustments. As most people know, long gone are the days of the heralded “Nike Air” logo on the back of earlier Jordan retros. We’re now overwhelmed with jumpmen on the back of our favorite late 80’s-early 90’s J’s. I suppose I can live with the jumpman on the heel tab of the III, V, and VI. But for some reason it just doesn’t look right on the heel of any IV. Maybe it’s too bulky. Or it could be it suffers from the lack of the Air under it. I don’t know. All I do know is that it never belonged on the IV (or most other Jordans for that matter). 80’s babies agree with me.

Another obvious difference between the 1999 vs. 2012 is the shade of gray. The 2012 has more of a true cement color, which makes sense considering the name of the colorway. The 1999 had a “tech” gray which was on the lighter side. If I had to choose, I’d again have stick to the ’99 tech gray. My hope is that the above image and all other pre-release images are not how the final product will turn out. Wishful thinking I guess. These will be a game-time decision for me.

This will probably be one of the only pairs of kicks I cop all year if I decide to pull the trigger. I can’t handle the pace that Jordan Brand has been dictating for the past few years, releasing sneakers damn near every month for upwards of $160-200. The problem is the cycle will continue because Nike is making bank off these kids don’t hold back at all. I blame hip-hop ūüėõ

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Air Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver-Fire Red tomorrow 8.20.11

This sneaker/colorway combo is in my top 5 as far as Jordan brand kicks go. A lot of sentimental value here. I can still visualize them worn by the older kids on the first day of school back in 1990. Never actually owned a pair until many years later and instead settled for a pair of maroon VIs from JCPenney in ’91. I’m sure a lot of people have their recent retros in rotation or stored away carefully somewhere. For those that don’t, the “Metallic Vs” retro once again tomorrow for a hefty $150 + tax (no tax on clothes in MA :P). Good luck to everyone.

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The scene from Concepts last week (Ray Allen XIII release video)…

Most people agree that this sneaker will go down as one of the worst releases in recent memory. People (specifically resellers) camping outside every Boston sneaker spot for close to a week made it next to impossible for diehard Celtics and Ray Allen fans alike to get a chance to own this limited piece of history for retail. Here we are about a week later and the only way you will be able to find them is dropping upwards of $1,000.00 on ebay. Nearly 6x their retail value. No thanks. Producing a few more pairs and spreading the release out a bit would have at least given us a better chance to scoop. Good looking out Nike/JB (sarcasm).

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Nike “Space Jam” Dunk SB

Not really feeling these at all. Basically a continuation of the Fusion mess that I thought was nearly over. The patent all over the uppers is super tacky. Looks like black tap shoes. Would have been at least somewhat Space Jammish with more mesh. Whatever the materials, I would rather shell out an extra $250.00 for some crispy XI’s where the patent is actually done right.

Release date: 7/23/11

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Air Jordan XI IE Low Black/Red to release Saturday 7-16-11

This sneaker comes as a relief with all of the Ray Allen PE hype circulating. I don’t know exact numbers, but it shouldn’t be much of an issue walking signing onto at midnight or walking into your local Footlocker Saturday morning to pick these up. Nowhere near as popular as its midsized counterpart, the IE does however hold some advantages. For instance, the outsole is factory tinted so we don’t have to worry about the “yellowing” effect as seen on icy Jordan soles. Also, if you’re in the market for a summer sneaker this lowtop may be more practical than the bulkier retros that have been hitting the shops. The only knock I have on this shoe is the cement print. The original had an all plain black upper. Much more appealing to me when it was designed that way. The print isn’t enough to to dissuade me however. Black and Red XI + Jordan worn = Me sold.

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Air Jordan Ray Allen XIII PE Update

Release date: 7/23/11

Rumored Retailers:
House of Hoops (Cambridge, MA; London, UK)
Nike Town (Newbury Street Boston, MA)
XSquared (Boston, MA)
Concepts (Boston, MA)
Bodega (Boston, MA)
Sole Fly (Miami, FL)

Supply: Undisclosed, but very limited

MSRP: $175.00

(t-shirt debuts alongside sneaker)

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The story behind 3M Material on the Air Jordan V…

(Flash off)

So I¬†finally got to unboxing and taking pics of the “Wolf Grey” Jordan V’s I scooped up about a month or so ago.¬†Notice the above¬†image taken with the flash off. Now look at the pic below¬†where I’ve utilized¬†the flash.¬†See a difference? The tongue portion¬†in the “flash off” pic appears to be very flat or matte in color. In contrast, the flash brings out a shiny silver or tin foil looking tongue that really jumps out at you in the bottom pic. I never¬†understood why¬†the Jordan Brand¬†manufactured the V this way. I mean how often is someone going to¬†focus on¬†your feet as they’re taking a pic? Well¬†apparently there¬†is an explanation behind these shiny tongues after all.

In 1990 Tinker Hatfield designed the original Jordan V sneaker. His inspiration came from the Wold War II Mustang fighter plane, as seen in the¬†midsole shark teeth design. He also decided to feature a reflectve tongue, comprised of 3M material. Hatfield wanted them to¬†be structurally sound and revolutionary on the court. But it was only in snapshots of MJ that¬†he believed the¬†sneaker would really “shine.” What better way to sell¬†his design¬†than to have them literally glaring at you in a poster of Mike facializing Patrick Ewing? The photographer’s flash would set off the 3M tongue at any moment of¬†Michael Jordan’s¬†brilliance, thus providing a perfect compliment to any poster or Sports Illustrated cover.

(Flash on)

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Air Jordan fans, feast your eyes on these…Ray Allen XIII Player Exclusive

Ahhh finally! I’ve been waiting for these puppies since Ray set the all-time 3 pt. record against the Lakers in February. I wasn’t sure they were ever going to be available to the public. Always thought the one pair¬†would be taken off Ray’s feet, shipped¬†to the Hall of Fame and that would be that.¬†Rumors have quickly circulated that this special pair of Ray Allen XIII’s will be a limited release. The sample above is a little different than the ones he sported, which I liked better. The signature on the tongue looks a lot¬†cleaner than the bubble lettering.¬†No dates have been discussed (that I know). Updates to follow.

06/21/11 UPDATE!!! (Release info ‚Üď)

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Air Jordan III retro “True Blue” review…

My inability¬†to pick¬†up the¬†True Blue¬†when they released internationally two years ago coupled with the fact that this is probably the cleanest colorway in the III line had me jumping on these immediately. I’m glad I did too because these went pretty quickly on¬† Quicker than I expected at least. The quality is right on par with the white/cements that dropped earlier in 2011, which is both¬†good and bad. The one major bone I have to pick with this release is the pre-creasing, similar to the white cements. A leather pair of III’s is inevitably bound to crease. This is a task I like to accomplish myself through wearing, not upon opening my $150.00 deadstock pair. On the other end of the spectrum, my white/cements have held up well through a handful of casual¬†wears. Besides the toebox everything is still pretty crispy. No midsole cracking/shipping/peeling. No yellowing of the back tab. A breeze to clean up.¬†I’m pretty happy with them. I’m confident the True Blues will age similarly. Details:

  • white leather upper
  • True Blue accents (midsole, lining, lace loops)
  • cement print (lace region, toecap, heel)
  • visible air sole unit
  • comes with cement pront OG style box
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Wolf Grey V next Saturday the 14th

Huge fan of the five. This colorway¬†looks¬†pretty clean. Hopefully the suede looks as good in person as it does in the pics that have been released thus far. I will¬†be scooping via They ship for¬†free with tracking¬†and accept Paypal payments. Can’t pass that up.

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Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux” in 4 days…

It’s been a long time coming for these. Old school sneaker¬†heads will appreciate the Bordeaux more than anyone, not having seen them on sneaker shop shelves since grammar school. If you remember this sneaker, you probably remember¬†NBA Inside Stuff and NBA on NBC (the association’s¬†heyday). I feel like people either love or hate this colorway. It’s pretty¬†representative of the early 90’s.¬†Unfortunately, they won’t be carrying the price tag they did back then. Be prepared to¬†dish out¬†$160 when they release on the 16th.

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Air Jordan IX Cool Grey size 11 [FS] on my ebay page…

These are straight piff. Unfortunately I have to let them go because they are a size too small. Extremely hard to find in deadstock condition like this. My ebay price is set @ $250 firm (ebay fees are a slut). However I’d be open to reasonable offers outside of ebay since no b/s fees will be involved.
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I need this Baltimore Orioles 1964 New Era!

I love the design and colorway. Also available with a straight black bill. I’m good with the gray though. Too fresh.¬†Cop here for $34.99 if you’re a size 7 1/8, 7 1/2 or 8. If not, you’re SOL.

P.S. I love how this cap matches the blog layout perfectly.

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Selling a bunch of kicks on ebay…

I’m currently in downsizing mode. Starting to¬†get rid of¬†sneakers that I don’t wear/don’t want¬†that are in deadstock or close to deadstock condition. Notables include a pair of Black/Grey mid forces, (2) pairs of Air Jordan VI retros, and (2) pairs of Nike Dunk SB Mid Premiums. Jordans and AF1’s are size 11,¬†Dunks are 11.5.¬†I always entertain reasonable offers.

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Jordan XIII Playoff/All-Star retro drops this Saturday 2.26.11

Super excited for these.¬†Easily favorite colorway out of all XIII retros. So clean. These are priced at $160, same as the Flints from Black Friday last year. You can also scoop them early¬†at mom and pop shops all over the country at a heftier cost, which isn’t worth it for me to be honest. For all those that plan on copping @ midnight, I strongly suggest you do so through NDC ( I’ve heard horror stories from people who have attempted to order via Finish Line, Foot Locker, and other major retailers – order cancellations, sneaks not being double boxed, near B-grade quality, etc. Nike always offers free shipping, orders go through quickly (with confirmation e-mails), great customer service, careful packaging, and you usually don’t have to spend hours at time¬†on their site battling traffic. Good luck getting yours Saturday, whichever route you take.

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