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Monday Night MTV: Death Valley & Ridiculousness…

Death Valley is MTVs latest show designed to phase out music videos entirely. Debuts tomorrow at 10:30 after the new Rob Dyrdek show Ridiculousness at 10:00.  Looks like a Reno 911 + a George Romero movie sprinkled with some True Blood.  I enjoy the Sean of the Deadesque treatment of the undead genre almost as much as I like 28 Weeks Later style flicks.  Also keep an eye out for the upcoming “World War Z” movie starring Brad Pitt.  If they got Brad for it, its gotta be a dope movie.  Might need to check out the book too.

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Street League Skateboarding 2011 Championship

It would take a massive choke for Nyjah NOT to emerge as the champ here. He’s dominated every stop and takes a nice point lead into Jersey on the 28th. Seems like it’s almost too easy for him. Kid is only 16 years old but has the swag of veteran. Looks effortless. For me, it doesn’t matter who wins. I tune in for the contrasting styles. P-Rod’s switch skills, Sheckler and his go big or go home philosophy, Torey Pudwill’s innovation, and so on. It’s been fun to watch this summer.

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Street League Kansas City was a little ridiculous…

Just days after gassing up the Maloof Cup, I stumble upon Street League Skateboarding. 10 finalists. Tech section. Line section. Big section. 5-7 attempts on each section. Skaters’s tricks scored instantly based on 1-10 scale, thanks to Rob Dyrdek’s newish system as seen on Fantasy Factory. No timed runs. Brilliant! Never seen tricks of this caliber attempted in a contest, never mind stomped. The next stop airs on ESPN2 on July 17th at 5 PM ET. Something you probably should tune into. The contest runs more like a demo than a contest.
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Net Gun from Rob & Big…

— UPDATED 1/15/2011 —

I remember Rob Dyrdek saying he was searching for one of these net guns forever on the episode when he was beefing with Spiderman. He finally stumbled upon the one site that carried it by luck of the correct search terms. So I’ve taken the liberty to do my own search, find the site and hopefully help out all you Googlers having a hard time finding it. Click the net gun below for a direct link.


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Rob Dyrdek & Big Black x Guinness Book of World Records…

This is old news as these records were broken in September 2007 when they filmed this season of Rob & Big but I thought it was pretty cool regardless.  The records weren’t mega impressive but for the 30 minute show they were entertaining and it was definitely a creative segment.  Here is a list of the ones that I could find.  Rob Dyrdek broke 21 records and Big Black broke 2…  Also Rob’s 100ft 50-50 grind was kinda wack cuz this one below is like a 200-300 footer.

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EA Sports Skate…


I played this on XBOX 360 yesterday for the first time. It’s made some HUGE improvements on Tony Hawk games and is much more realistic. For instance, to ollie you have to pull back the right stick and press it forward just like if you were bending your knees and jumping in real life. To kickflip, you’d have to pull the right stick back and then flick it to the left for a kickflip or right for a heel flip if you’re a regular footed. You even have to land exactly right to do grinds and boardslides and adjust your body to come off rails; and pump (either regular or mongo foot) to keep up to speed. There are a ton of real life spots, different modes of play, new skaters and more. Highly recommended…especially to those Tony Hawk fans sick of the unrealistic nature of Pro Skater games. Click the pic for a demo of gameplay.

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Rob & Big Season 3…


…premieres January 8th at 10:30 on MTV. One of the only reality TV shows I’ll tune into nowadays. Click on the pic for a trailer.

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