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Street League Skateboarding 2011 Championship

It would take a massive choke for Nyjah NOT to emerge as the champ here. He’s dominated every stop and takes a nice point lead into Jersey on the 28th. Seems like it’s almost too easy for him. Kid is only 16 years old but has the swag of veteran. Looks effortless. For me, it doesn’t matter who wins. I tune in for the contrasting styles. P-Rod’s switch skills, Sheckler and his go big or go home philosophy, Torey Pudwill’s innovation, and so on. It’s been fun to watch this summer.

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Maloof Money Cup 2011 and thoughts on skateboarding contests…

Street skateboarding contests have evolved dramatically over the course of about 5-10 years or so. Gone are the days when vert skaters could enter street contests, air crazily off of quarter pipes, land routine transfers (routine in the world of vert), grind some coping, and walk away with the win while all the street technicians were left in the dust. The new jam and/or best trick format in present day contests has filtered out nearly all of those wanna-be street skateboarders. The scoring system now allows for competitors to go all out and not be penalized for bails. What this amounts to is insane skateboarding. Something that you wouldn’t have seen in the 1998 X-Games. Combine these factors with a handful of the best skateboarders competing for a 1st place purse of $160K. The anti was consistently being upped throughout the course of this particular contest.

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Danny Way X-Games Big Air crash…

Last year it was Jake Brown. This year’s big air competition saw another pretty gnarly spill. It looked like he was about 20 feet above the ramp and came down and clipped his shins on the coping which flipped him over. He’s lucky the slope of the ramp took away some of the impact. Believe it or not he got up and threw down a run that almost won him gold until Bob Burnquist came along. Ballsy dude.

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NIKE 6.0 Air Insurgent, Air Heist, Dunk Low, Air Mogan…

Damn Nike is pretty much killin the skateboard sneaker scene right now. These four styles are among the newest 6.0 releases dropping on June 1st. Clockwise from top left: Nike 6.0 Air Mogan (available in mid), Nike 6.0 Air Insurgent, Nike 6.0 Dunk Low, and Nike 6.0 Air Heist. All models available in a bunch of different looks and colors. Nike is throwing down a few SB models for June as well. The P. Rod 2 is lookin pretty hot too. Where you at DC? Check with your local skate shop starting in June for the Nike Summer line-up.


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Rob Dyrdek & Big Black x Guinness Book of World Records…

This is old news as these records were broken in September 2007 when they filmed this season of Rob & Big but I thought it was pretty cool regardless.  The records weren’t mega impressive but for the 30 minute show they were entertaining and it was definitely a creative segment.  Here is a list of the ones that I could find.  Rob Dyrdek broke 21 records and Big Black broke 2…  Also Rob’s 100ft 50-50 grind was kinda wack cuz this one below is like a 200-300 footer.

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Dogtown and Z-Boys…


Just finished watching this on the Sundance channel. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the history and birth of extreme skateboarding. I’m sure there are some people out there like me who made the mistake of first watching the film Lords of Dogtown for the story of the Z-Boys. This is 10x better. It was directed by original Z-Boy Stacey Peralta, features interviews with other members of the crew including Jay Adams & Tony Alva, and has loads of authentic footage from day-to-day sessions, contests and some of the first pool skating ever. You can grab it off Ebay for like 4 or 5 bucks plus shipping.

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Skateboarding Chimp…


I saw this on the news a few weeks ago and finally found it again while browsing some skate forums. Click the cartoon to check out a clip of little dude cruising a mini ramp. They need to introduce him to Tyson the skateboarding bulldog.

EDIT: New movie last one got yanked…

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