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“COLD” – Trailer…

“For the past 26 years 16 expeditions have tried and failed to climb one of pakistan’s 8,000 meter peaks in winter.”

This trailer alone gave me the chills.  With all the media frenzy around NFL, NBA, MLB and all the other mainstream sports, extreme athletes like these hardly ever get noticed and they are making historical achievements and nearly killing themselves in the process.  -51 degrees F?  Insane…  I think what these guys do is absolutely incredible.  I can’t even imagine the conditioning and perseverance it takes to climb a 21,000+ foot peak in the summer let alone the winter.

I love the candid line at the beginning, “What the FUCK am I doing here???”

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“First Descent” Trailer & Review…

As an avid snowboarder, I fully enjoyed this flick.  Excellent job of casting it right and showing the differences between riding styles, terrains, experiences, personalities, etc.  Bringing the top young stars of the sport out to AK back country to ride with experienced back country experts is something that should be ritualized for skiing and snowboarding as well and filmed regularly.  Amazing scenery and some great filming and riding.  Highly recommend it.  It’s Netflixable on DVD.

Highlights include Travis Rice tearing out of an avalanche, Shaun White’s massive 720, and Terje final line on Mt. 7601 which is the gnarliest line I’ve ever seen someone snowboard.

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I Am Legend Trailer…

Coming out 12/14/07, this new flick starring Will Smith looks like it will deliver for sure.  As the last survivor of a man made plague, he must survive in NYC amongst the throngs of mutated human vampires.  As a scientist he must attempt to reverse the infection using his own immune blood.  Based on the novel by Richard Matheson.  Opening night, IMAX, I’m there…

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Lakai ‘Fully Flared’…

Supposedly the most anticipated and hottest skate DVD of the year. I’ve seen Eric Koston and Mike Carroll footage so far and it’s looks as though this video has a little bit of everything ala Yeah Right. Marc Johnson, Brandon Biebel, Rick Howard and the rest of the Lakai team are also featured.  Click the below pic for a detailed article by Marc about the movie and the riders.



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