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another Hopkins/Pascal gem…

These two know how to sell a fight. Or maybe it’s legit hatred for one another. Can’t say I blame Hop. That French-Canadian accent coming from a dude named Jean would trigger me too. Glad i don’t have to shell out $54.99 for the fight, because I probably would have. This baby will be an HBO freebee.

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Reason #2977 Bernard Hopkins won’t lose to Jean Pascal

If being French Canadian wasn’t enough reason to detest this dude, Jean Pascal actually took it up a notch and publicly accused the legend of juicing. He must still be salty for letting the man 18 years his elder take him the distance in their first fight. Well now it’s looks like he’ll have to bear the consequences of giving one of boxing’s greatest strategists bulletain board material. Brilliant.

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Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe…

2 days until the fight the whole world has been waiting for. Wales native with a super work rate Joe Calzaghe faces the slick 43 year old Philadelphian Bernard Hopkins in Vegas this Saturday on regular HBO (Championship Boxing). It marks the first time Joe will cross the pond and fight on U.S. soil. Calzaghe wants to improve his record to an impressive 45-0 and prove the haters wrong who disregard European boxers. Hopkins, on the other hand, attempts to solidify his legend status by beating one of the best pound for pound fighters of the era. Check the links below for the countdown special that aired last weekend on HBO.

Countdown Part I

Countdown Part II

Countdown Part III

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Bernard Hopkins Beyond the Glory…

I had been trying to figure out how to watch this Beyond the Glory on Bernard Hopkins since FSN refuses to replay it. Instead, they choose to re-run episodes such as “the designated hitter” and “Mike Krzyzewski” 10 million times. Most boxing enthusiasts know a little bit about Hop’s background, but it’s pretty remarkable to hear his whole story first hand. I don’t think it tops Kassim Ouma being kidnapped and forced to join the Ugandan National Resistance Army at age six, but he definately overcame a ton of adversity as do many boxers. Below is the special in four parts commercial free. Enjoy…


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Boxing Year in Review (2007)…

I like how HBO does this at the end of every year to build things up for the next year. There are a bunch fights I’m particularly interested in that have been set for 2008. Among them are Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe & Zab Judah vs. Shane Mosley. I’d also like to see Winky Wright more in spotlight before it’s too late. The heavyweight division is a question mark as always, which is not good for fanbase; it would be nice if a few studs popped up out of nowhere to give it a boost.

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Hopkins vs Calzaghe official promo video…

The countdown begins until the April 19th showdown between Joe Calzaghe of Wales and Philly’s own Bernard Hopkins. I’ve watched and read numerous interviews with Hop regarding this fight and he seems as confident as ever. At 43, that says a lot about a man who’s about to take on an undefeated boxer almost 10 years younger with one of the peskiest styles we’ve seen in a while. Both Joe and Nard are two of this generation’s greatest middleweights and future Hall of Famers that will face-off at light heavyweight. Can’t wait for this one.

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Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe almost a done deal…


Looks like Joe Calzaghe of Wales has an upcoming appointment with the ‘Executioner.’ I’ve been sifting through boxing sites looking for official dates. April 12th at a Las Vegas venue seems to be the consensus. I’d love to see Hopkins pull this win off against a tough European in Calzaghe. Would be a great send off for the long time middleweight. It’s gonna be a battle though. Calzaghe is a difficult style to match up with for anyone. Click the pic to listen to their exchange at the Mayweather-Hatton pre-fight presser from December.

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