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How to beat Anderson Silva…

I was just playing the new Mortal Kombat at my buddies place and Scorpion has a bad ass flying scissor.  I didn’t realize til a few minutes ago its the same move Anderson Silva lost to Chonan by paired with a bad ass heel hook.  If this is what it takes to beat the guy, I don’t think anyone is going to do it anytime soon. Kind of reminds me of Oleg Taktarov’s Rolling Knee Bar, my favorite old school UFC move besides the “Tank Abbott Turtle”.  I wonder if Chonan learned that move from Steven Segal? heh

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Steven Seagal taught Anderson Silva “that kick?”

“Steven Seagal helped me perfect that kick. That was a kick we were working on before I stepped in,” Silva said through a translator at the post-fight press conference. “This was a kick that I trained a lot.”

Is this Anderson Silva throwing Steven Seagal a bone to get him in the spotlight? Or is the best mixed martial artist of our generation really training with a dude who spent a good chunk of his life fake snapping the necks of actors in the late 80’s/early 90’s? I’d like to hear MMA fans shed some light on this story, because I don’t know much about Seagal’s fighting background besides the fact that he could tear through about 20 scrubs like no other in his movies.

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Roy Jones Jr. on Dana White…

Little clip of Roy calling Dana White out on his double standard regarding Floyd Mayweather in the UFC and Anderson Silva boxing. Not much has become of this story since Anderson first challenged Roy last month. Maybe Roy taunting Dana White will get something poppin.

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Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr?…


“We respect Jones’ boxing ability and think he’s one of the best, but we’re tired of different boxers saying that MMA fighters aren’t technical. Anderson would love to fight Roy Jones in a boxing match under boxing rules to prove that MMA fighters are technical too.” — Anderson’s manager

I honestly thought this whole Anderson Silva wanting to box thing would die down quick, but apparently Roy Jones’ camp has expressed interest, mainly because of the PPV numbers it would potentially draw. I’m not joking when I say that Silva probably has a better chance against one of Roy’s sparring partners. I’d buy this PPV nonetheless, especially if they mixed it up a little and had boxers entering the cage as well. There’s no doubt that this type of event would draw millions. Maybe it would put an end to the MMA vs. boxing debate and show people that athletes stick to their own sports for a reason.  Click here for the MMA Weekly story.


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Anderson Silva wants to box?…

In one of Anderson Silva’s recent post-fight interviews, he stated he would like to challenge the “185 champ” in boxing to show the world that the MMA stand up game is as technical as the sweet science. Silva should educate himself a little better prior to making such challenges being that there is no 185 division in boxing. He could choose between the 175 Light Heavy division or the 190 Crusiwerweight division. David Haye (above) and Enzo Maccarinelli fight tonight in a 190 unification bout on Showtime 9 ET…two guys Anderson would potentially face. Either way, I see it ending horribly for Anderson. He has 2 professional boxing bouts (1-1) under his name. Gotta do better than that if he wants to see the top dogs. This would be Michael Jordan leaving basketball for baseball all over again.

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UFC 82 Henderson vs. Silva…


Tonight’s card looks pretty decent. Nothing compared to next month’s Fight Night (featuring a lot of huge names), but I’m going to tune in tonight so I figured I’d drop my picks. UFC 82 also marks the return of two past stars and fan favorites: Adrei Arlovski & Evan Tanner. Andrei isn’t even on the main card. As usual, my picks are bolded and click on the pic for a bar list.

Chris Wilson vs. Jon Fitch
Yushin Okami vs. Evan Tanner
Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Leben
Heath Herring vs. Cheick Kongo
Dan Henderson vs. Anderson Silva

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