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Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir vs Fedor …

This shit gave me a good chuckle.

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UFC 130 thoughts and predictions

I’m a little disappointed that the UFC didn’t scramble to rejuvenate this card with a few nice filler bouts. Maynard vs. Edgar was scratched. Thiago Silva was rumored to fail a drug test and was bounced from facing Rampage. In addition, at least three more fighters had to withdraw due to injury. If I copped tickets to see this event in a few months ago I would be pissed right about now. The main card has the looks of a free Spike show.  
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WEC 32…


A day late with this…but I had to make a post about what occurred in the 3rd round of the Jamie Varner-Rob McCullough fight. If you heard about the outcome but didn’t see the fight, take the results with a grain of salt. Early on in the 3rd, Rob McCullough landed a HUGE right that jacked Varner’s face sideways and threw his mouthpiece halfway across the cage. It was the type of shot that makes you cringe when they replay it in slow motion. Still wobbly, Varner actually made the “T” sign with his hands and called timeout! Frank Mir’s co-commentator made a funny comment relating the incident to when Chris Webber called a timeout when he didn’t have one to call. Mir was stunned himself, saying “I just learned something new.” It was obviously a very unconventional ending to a fight and will no doubt be looked into by McCullough’s camp.

The timeout call by Varner in attempt to recover paralleled the move by the late Diego Corrales when he purposely spit his mouthpiece out to get his legs back against Jose Luis Castillo. Corrales subsequently knocked out Castillo in what was one of the most memorable endings to a fight in the past decade. 


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UFC 81: Breaking Point Bar list, Weigh-ins and Picks


Third UFC event in 14 days. A little excessive IMO. Click the pic for a list of bars, pubs, restaurants and anywhere else playing the fights in the US. Click here to watch the weigh-ins. As far as the two main fights go: I see Mir winning via submission and Sylvia staying on his feet en route to a unanimous decision. Below are the rest of my picks in bold. Feel free to give your take in the comments box.

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir
Tim Sylvia vs. Nog
Jeremy Horn vs. Nate Marquardt
Rob Yundt vs. Ricardo Almeida
Gleison Tibau vs. Tyson Griffin
Chris Lytle vs. Kyle Bradley
Marvin Eastman vs. Terry Martin
David Heath vs. Tim Boetsch
Keita Nakamura vs. Rob Emerson


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