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Nick Diaz vs. Jeff Lacy…

According to ESPN, this is nearly a done deal and will be fought under boxing rules. Finally a boxer versus a mixed martial artist, both still relatively close to the prime of their careers. Diaz more so than Lacy. Nick Diaz is easily one of the most talented boxers in MMA. I read recently that he has fought professionally in the past and is now training with the likes of Andre Ward. I’m thinking Diaz watched old footage of Joe Calzaghe dismantling Lacy in the UK and saw some similarities between his and Calzaghe’s styles. Lacy has been less fortunate as of late, coming off stretch of lackluster performances, including a TKO loss to Roy Jones. He is however perfectly capable of catching the inexperienced Diaz and putting him to sleep in a flash. Stay tuned for details.

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Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr?…


“We respect Jones’ boxing ability and think he’s one of the best, but we’re tired of different boxers saying that MMA fighters aren’t technical. Anderson would love to fight Roy Jones in a boxing match under boxing rules to prove that MMA fighters are technical too.” — Anderson’s manager

I honestly thought this whole Anderson Silva wanting to box thing would die down quick, but apparently Roy Jones’ camp has expressed interest, mainly because of the PPV numbers it would potentially draw. I’m not joking when I say that Silva probably has a better chance against one of Roy’s sparring partners. I’d buy this PPV nonetheless, especially if they mixed it up a little and had boxers entering the cage as well. There’s no doubt that this type of event would draw millions. Maybe it would put an end to the MMA vs. boxing debate and show people that athletes stick to their own sports for a reason.  Click here for the MMA Weekly story.


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Boxing Vs. MMA… (In Theory)

I’m always looking for an excuse to post a Genki Sudo video, and Tnells Floyd Mayweather post about him potentially coming to MMA made me think of this fight (albeit 3 weeks later)…  This is an extreme example for obvious reasons (350lbs vs. 145 lbs!) but historically boxers haven’t fared well in MMA.  Its worth a view for laughs anyways.  Someone needs to edit this clip with the Mike Tyson’s Punchout music and SFX.   Also funny is the Japanese announcers saying “Butt-ahhhh-beeeen”.


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Boxing vs. MMA…

This is a really good read regarding the whole dispute between boxing and mma from a fan’s point of view. I’m personally a fan of both, so it’s good to finally see an unbiased article. This guy isn’t afraid to give props or shit on either sport for whatever reason. Boxing and mma have both had a very successful 2007, making this debate that much more justified. Be on the lookout for Mayweather vs. Hatton and Silva vs. Liddell; arguably the two biggest fights for boxing and mma respectively, which will conclude a great year for combat sports. Click the pic to read the article and click here to watch Joe Rogan and Lou DiBella argue their sides.


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Zab Judah vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson…


Zab Judah and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson square off. But not like you think…the two briefly discuss the tired topic of boxing versus MMA. It’s nice to finally see two great fighters sit down and shoot the shit with no hard feelings regarding the debate between the two sports. Click here to checkout the video. Both Zab and Rampage are set for their next bouts taking place next week. Zab begins his comeback trail Friday September 7th on ESPN Friday Night Fights, while Rampage makes his first title defense against Dan Henderson September 8th at UFC 75.

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