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“First Descent” Trailer & Review…

As an avid snowboarder, I fully enjoyed this flick.  Excellent job of casting it right and showing the differences between riding styles, terrains, experiences, personalities, etc.  Bringing the top young stars of the sport out to AK back country to ride with experienced back country experts is something that should be ritualized for skiing and snowboarding as well and filmed regularly.  Amazing scenery and some great filming and riding.  Highly recommend it.  It’s Netflixable on DVD.

Highlights include Travis Rice tearing out of an avalanche, Shaun White’s massive 720, and Terje final line on Mt. 7601 which is the gnarliest line I’ve ever seen someone snowboard.

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Flight Of The Conchords Season 1 DVD…


Flight Of The Conchords Season One DVD just dropped a few days ago.  If you don’t have HBO or didn’t get a chance to check this show out you definitely need to.  In a nutshell, its about two New Zealand musicians Brett and Jermaine living in Brooklyn trying to make it in the music industry.   The humor can be extremely dry at times but the characters are so hilarious its hard not to love it.  Also the songs are so ridiculous that the show is borderline addictive.  It wouldn’t be on HBO if it was anything less than awesome.  Its also family friendly. $29 gets you the complete Season One.  Click the pic for other FOTC merch. 

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Afro Samurai Director’s Cut DVD…


I’m not into anime at all but this shit rocks hard.  Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson hisself and scored by the RZA, this blood-bath stays true to Kung Fu form with excessive beheadings and limb dicing.  Directors cut comes with some bonuses material and features.  If you’ve never seen it check out a SCENE.  A must have for any Kill Bill fans.

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Entourage Season 3 DVD


For all you fellow hardcore Entourage heads, Season 3 DVD is currently on preorder for its drop date of April 3rd.  Personally I thought Season 3 was dissappointing but between Drama’s douche-baggery and Ari’s classic lines it’s still a great show.  You can catch up on Season 3 starting Feb. 25th on Sunday nights with New Episodes coming April 8th…

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