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The story behind 3M Material on the Air Jordan V…

(Flash off)

So I finally got to unboxing and taking pics of the “Wolf Grey” Jordan V’s I scooped up about a month or so ago. Notice the above image taken with the flash off. Now look at the pic below where I’ve utilized the flash. See a difference? The tongue portion in the “flash off” pic appears to be very flat or matte in color. In contrast, the flash brings out a shiny silver or tin foil looking tongue that really jumps out at you in the bottom pic. I never understood why the Jordan Brand manufactured the V this way. I mean how often is someone going to focus on your feet as they’re taking a pic? Well apparently there is an explanation behind these shiny tongues after all.

In 1990 Tinker Hatfield designed the original Jordan V sneaker. His inspiration came from the Wold War II Mustang fighter plane, as seen in the midsole shark teeth design. He also decided to feature a reflectve tongue, comprised of 3M material. Hatfield wanted them to be structurally sound and revolutionary on the court. But it was only in snapshots of MJ that he believed the sneaker would really “shine.” What better way to sell his design than to have them literally glaring at you in a poster of Mike facializing Patrick Ewing? The photographer’s flash would set off the 3M tongue at any moment of Michael Jordan’s brilliance, thus providing a perfect compliment to any poster or Sports Illustrated cover.

(Flash on)

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Dallas Mavericks in 6 bitches!

Dallas Mavs win in 6

So I have to gloat that I called this shit.  And I really have to gloat because I did so on my old college buddies D-Wade Facebook Profile picture, thus ruining it forever.  I really wanted to rub it in but she prob already hates me and her life so I resisted the urge…  After they swept LA with a sick performance, I thought it was pretty obvious who would win the trophy, but to the Heat’s credit I thought the Mavs were going to beat the Bulls.


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The greatest home team celebration ever?

It has to be right? I literally watched it four times in a row. Never been as entertained in one minute than I was watching this video. And I bet NBA teams probably think they’re still pushing the limit by playing “Hit the Road, Jack” when opposing players get their 6th personal. Too bad for them North Carolina A & T has the whole “home court advantage”  thing locked. Ho sit down!

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Devin Harris Gets Schooled…

Quick clip I stole from Yahoo of Nets Point Guard Devin Harris getting owned somewhere presumably in England by an ex-streetballer named Stuart Tanner.  I’m sure a full game might pan out differently but it’s always entertaining to see streetball applied to the embarrasment of others!  Check out if you’re a fan!

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Free Gold Watch – John Starks Knicks shirt…

I was never a Knicks fan, but this shirt by Free Gold Watch deserves a post. It shows an action shot of the classic John Starks lefty dunk over Jordan and Horace Grant in the 1993 NBA Playoffs. It has Starks’ name on the Knicks logo and a faded 2 on the back leaving Starks’ #3 (symbolizing Jordan’s disappearence on the play). Remember the the good ol’ NBA days in the 90’s? I can hear the NBA on NBC theme playing in my head. Scoop this tee over at Become Fitted for $32.00 plus shipping.


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Boston Celtics 2007-2008 NBA Champions!

Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop (Celtics mix/Lakers diss)  *Click pic to listen*

Adidas Championship Big Head t-shirts (Get em while they’re hot!)

Jesus saves!

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You got Rondo’d!

Had to post a Rondo highlight for all the BBall fans or anyone checking out the Finals.  Definitely my favorite point guard in the league regardless of growing up a Celtics fan.  He brings that streetball style and great court sense that so many players don’t utilize.  Basically, he just fuckin fun to watch.  I read something in the paper about how players are using “Rondo’d” as a term for getting burned by the high flying 6 foot one incher.

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Top Dunks & Blocks from the 2007-2008 NBA Season…

NBA TV has released it’s annual Top 10’s including the most popular… loudest dunks and blocks. My personal favorite was Nocioni riding Songaila like a horse straight to the rim (no homo). That jam was straight white on white violence. Stay tuned for top plays from the MLB.

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Paul Pierce fined $25K for “menacing gesture”…

David Stern made the decision to fine Paul Pierce for the “menacing gesture” he made towards the Atlanta bench in game 3, moments after Al Horford taunted him when he was bent down on the floor. There have been a number of rumors regarding what Pierce’s hand gesture meant. I’ve heard anything from: “3’s up,” a common Boston slogan; “you still gotta win 3 games,” meaning the series was about to be at 2-1 in favor of the C’s when Pierce threw it up; “it’s only game 3”; and I’ve heard people go as far as to claim it’s Pierce flashing an Inglewood/Bloods flag. Whatever it was supposed to mean, I didn’t see anything too menacing about it. Pierce is one of the quieter superstars in the league and is in no way a menacing or intimidating figure. Stern went overboard. Why didn’t he these dudes?:

Shit, Menino is even throwin it up. That’s gotta show it’s Beantown related.

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UFC 83: St. Pierre-Serra 2…

Topping off the best sports weekend of the year so far (Hopkins-Calzaghe, NBA/NHL Playoffs), the UFC travels to Montreal where GSP gets a chance at redemption with his hometown fans behind him. He takes on Matt Serra for the welterweight championship in a rematch of the huge upset win Serra posted last year. Click the image for event information including a list of where you can go to watch the fights. See below for my bolded picks. Hopefully I do better than my last ones for Fight Night.

Matt Serra vs. Georges St. Pierre
Rich Franklin
vs. Travis Lutter
Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes
Charles McCarthy vs. Michael Bisping
Mark Bocek vs. Mac Danzig


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