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Nick Diaz vs. Jeff Lacy…

According to ESPN, this is nearly a done deal and will be fought under boxing rules. Finally a boxer versus a mixed martial artist, both still relatively close to the prime of their careers. Diaz more so than Lacy. Nick Diaz is easily one of the most talented boxers in MMA. I read recently that he has fought professionally in the past and is now training with the likes of Andre Ward. I’m thinking Diaz watched old footage of Joe Calzaghe dismantling Lacy in the UK and saw some similarities between his and Calzaghe’s styles. Lacy has been less fortunate as of late, coming off stretch of lackluster performances, including a TKO loss to Roy Jones. He is however perfectly capable of catching the inexperienced Diaz and putting him to sleep in a flash. Stay tuned for details.

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Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto Round 6

Round of the year thus far. Thanks to the uploader for putting this up. I’ve been waiting to post since Saturday night after the fight.

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This Biggest Meathead in the World…

Wow… just wow…

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Kimbo Slice Wins First EliteXC Fight…

Keeping up with KimboWatch 2007, he promply annihilated his first MMA opponent in less than 20 seconds.  I don’t know anything about his opponent Bo Cantrell and watching the footage I don’t think I want to; he flopped and covered up faster than any of Kimbo’s chubby bareknuckled opponents from his street fighting videos.  As much as those backyard opponents looked like chumps, Bo Cantrell actually validated some of them that lasted longer than he did without gloves.  Anyways I thought Kimbo looked sharp and I think UFC should buy out his contract and throw him some bigger name fights.  General opinion says that Kimbo is an MMA joke but with his strength, speed, and skill I predict he will do well in MMA if he can upgrade from EliteXC which is pretty much a sham.  Headlining that card was Nick Diaz who lost to K.J. Noons.

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Oregon duck throws a beatdown…

The Oregon Duck got suspended for a game for egging on the Houston Cougar and eventually mounting and pounding him out. He also threw a kick to the mid-section of the Cougar who was doing his signature push-ups at mid-field after a score. Nice battle of mascots. The Cougar didn’t want none.

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Jon Lovitz smashes Andy Dicks face…


Exorcising some past demons/Phil Hartman issues, Jon Lovitz stepped up to the plate and repeatedly smashed Andy Dicks face on the bar at Laugh Factory in Hollywood on Wednesday.  Lovitz stated “All the comedians are glad I did it because this guy is an asshole.”  Niiiiiiice…  Now if someone would f*ck up Carlos Mencia… I vote for Rogan.

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