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Going in for the Kill

Nice highlight reel featuring a great mix of old and new KOs.  Love the Don Frye highlights!

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So logging into Youtube to get a tutorial to fix something on my car, I figured I’d get distracted for about 4 hours.     This little gem appeared on my homepage and I can’t help but be insanely impressed by this dude.  Check out his other vids he’s legit.


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What is it like to be a dolphin?

Introducing the “Flyboard.” You need some serious cojones to strap into one of these (or at least a helmet). I cringed watching how close to the ocean floor these dudes were getting just waiting for one to swan dive skull first into the reef. Get me deeper water, some form of protection, a scuba mask, and I would have a ball with this thing. Pretty freaking cool.

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NBA voiceover clips volume #5

In the wake of Melo-gate, I’ve spent an inconceivable amount of time youtubing clips of NBA fights, brawls, jawing matches and the always appreciated unintentional comedy of cameras recording what they’re not supposed to. A special shout out to David Stern for not going all Zuffa on us with the “©” and allowing us fans to access NBA clips (and rightfully so). Thanks to the related video sidebar, ITSREAL85 has just gained a loyal follower.

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ESPN 30 for 30 “Broke” directed by Billy Corben

The successful film series makes its season debut October 2nd with “Broke,” documenting some of the most high-profile riches to rags athlete casualties of recent memory. As if this topic isn’t entertaining enough in and of itself, the genius behind Cocaine Cowboys and The U is responsible for summoning first-hand accounts of these epic downfalls. Should be must-watch TV.

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E:60 – Dada 5000: The Real Life Fight Club

Completely caught this segment by chance. That explains my being about a year late. I never really tune into E:60 anymore, but that still does not explain how I didn’t catch word of this. As an individual peddling material mostly “fight” related, you’ll have to excuse me.

You have to admire the pizzaiolo Andre who doubles as a bare knuckle brawler. Weathers a barrage of flush shots to the head and face from a dude clearly outweighing him. Ultimately gets his second wind and drops big man with a flurry of rights and lefts. Awakened in me memories of the late Arturo Gatti during his heyday.

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Miami zombie prank vol. too soon?

Going in I figured the whole act was staged. Took a few “victims” for me to realize that the widespread fear of zombies is alive and well in the hood. Gotta hand it to the media. No bullshit, they actually convinced Miami residents the face-eater earlier this Summer was undead. Plenty of notables in this 3:00 clip, but homeboy throwing a B-ball frozen rope at the actor before the court clears out takes the cake for me.

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