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Barstoolsports Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Tee Shirt Line…

Punchout Tee Shirts

Nice concept. Horrible execution. +1 for sentiment. -1 for completely ignoring Little Mac. -1 for placing emphasis on tank tops. A nice simple hoodie would have sufficed. I don’t think the 8-bit gamers fit into the tank top wearing demographic. If anything, save that for T & C Surf Design retros.

Iron Mike

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Kimbo vs. Mike Tyson

Okay I hate to overdo the whole Kimbo Slice thing but I thought this would be postworthy. Over the past week, rumors have been flying around regarding a possible matchup between him and who else but Mike Tyson. EliteXC sources have been quoted as saying they would definately be open to talks with Mike Tyson’s representatives. I don’t know how much merit these rumors hold, but I wouldn’t put it past Mike Tyson to cash in on the fight, especially after the E:60 segment describing his economic troubles. I think I’d want to see this to be a boxing match however, because it would be another Ray Mercer with MMA rules. Click the pic for one of the initial reports.


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Boxing vs. MMA…

This is a really good read regarding the whole dispute between boxing and mma from a fan’s point of view. I’m personally a fan of both, so it’s good to finally see an unbiased article. This guy isn’t afraid to give props or shit on either sport for whatever reason. Boxing and mma have both had a very successful 2007, making this debate that much more justified. Be on the lookout for Mayweather vs. Hatton and Silva vs. Liddell; arguably the two biggest fights for boxing and mma respectively, which will conclude a great year for combat sports. Click the pic to read the article and click here to watch Joe Rogan and Lou DiBella argue their sides.


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The comeback kid from BK…

Zab Judah is one of the most talented boxers in recent years. His ability to fight into the later rounds has been called into question, especially after his decision loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2006. No question that if he puts it all together he’ll be champ again before his run is over. Zab is making his comeback already after losing to Cotto last month. He’s fighting in the ESPN Friday Night Fights season finale on September 7th. Props to ‘Super’ Judah.

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