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Free tickets to Mosley-Judah in May…

I just found out about an ongoing sweepstakes for a chance to win free tickets and a hotel room in Las Vegas for the May 31st “High Stakes” bout between Zab and Sugar Shane. As far as I know the undercard to this fight is pretty solid too. Wouldn’t be a bad little weekend trip to Sin City. Click on the image to be directed to the page where you can enter your name. I’m crossing my fingers!

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Boxing Year in Review (2007)…

I like how HBO does this at the end of every year to build things up for the next year. There are a bunch fights I’m particularly interested in that have been set for 2008. Among them are Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe & Zab Judah vs. Shane Mosley. I’d also like to see Winky Wright more in spotlight before it’s too late. The heavyweight division is a question mark as always, which is not good for fanbase; it would be nice if a few studs popped up out of nowhere to give it a boost.

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Zab Judah + Floyd Mayweather Sr…


Great move by team Judah to get Floyd Sr. in there to help out with Zab’s training for his fight against Shane Mosley in May. Too much criticism has been placed on Yoel Judah as his son’s trainer which I did not agree with at all. Zab has always expressed his loyalty to his father, so instead of dropping him as his trainer he’s made the decision to add the experienced Floyd Sr. I think this will give Judah a big lift and boost his discipline.

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Zab Judah & Floyd Mayweather make it rain…


Zab and Floyd went all out in Las Vegas club Prive by seeing who could stunt the hardest. They supposedly were outbidding each other by buying $1000 bottles of Dom Perignon and just throwin em out to the crowd randomly. Then Pretty Boy sprayed the crowd with $5000 in cash. Guess dudes don’t learn from the Pacman Jones situation. Click the pic to read the full article and check out some of the video footage.

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Zab Judah in South Beach…


Can’t believe I’m making another Zab post but here goes…I found this amateur video of a Miami  dice game featuring none other than “Super” Judah himself. Shit gets out of hand for some reason and a brawl ensues. I hope this video isn’t recent. Being a Zab fan I want him fighting in the ring not out of it.

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Zab Judah vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson…


Zab Judah and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson square off. But not like you think…the two briefly discuss the tired topic of boxing versus MMA. It’s nice to finally see two great fighters sit down and shoot the shit with no hard feelings regarding the debate between the two sports. Click here to checkout the video. Both Zab and Rampage are set for their next bouts taking place next week. Zab begins his comeback trail Friday September 7th on ESPN Friday Night Fights, while Rampage makes his first title defense against Dan Henderson September 8th at UFC 75.

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The comeback kid from BK…

Zab Judah is one of the most talented boxers in recent years. His ability to fight into the later rounds has been called into question, especially after his decision loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2006. No question that if he puts it all together he’ll be champ again before his run is over. Zab is making his comeback already after losing to Cotto last month. He’s fighting in the ESPN Friday Night Fights season finale on September 7th. Props to ‘Super’ Judah.

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