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Air Jordan IV White/Cement vol. 2012

I’ve been going back and forth on these for the past two months and still haven’t made up my mind. Obviously, there is a lot of concern surrounding the price tag. The 1999 version of this sneaker retailed at $100.00. Fast forward about 13 years. Nike now plans to throw these on shelves as of February 18th and demand $160.00 per pair. Is inflation that much of a bitch? $160.00 for a sneaker with 1989 technology is asking a little much, no?

Secondly are the minor (major in my eyes) detail adjustments. As most people know, long gone are the days of the heralded “Nike Air” logo on the back of earlier Jordan retros. We’re now overwhelmed with jumpmen on the back of our favorite late 80’s-early 90’s J’s. I suppose I can live with the jumpman on the heel tab of the III, V, and VI. But for some reason it just doesn’t look right on the heel of any IV. Maybe it’s too bulky. Or it could be it suffers from the lack of the Air under it. I don’t know. All I do know is that it never belonged on the IV (or most other Jordans for that matter). 80’s babies agree with me.

Another obvious difference between the 1999 vs. 2012 is the shade of gray. The 2012 has more of a true cement color, which makes sense considering the name of the colorway. The 1999 had a “tech” gray which was on the lighter side. If I had to choose, I’d again have stick to the ’99 tech gray. My hope is that the above image and all other pre-release images are not how the final product will turn out. Wishful thinking I guess. These will be a game-time decision for me.

This will probably be one of the only pairs of kicks I cop all year if I decide to pull the trigger. I can’t handle the pace that Jordan Brand has been dictating for the past few years, releasing sneakers damn near every month for upwards of $160-200. The problem is the cycle will continue because Nike is making bank off these kids don’t hold back at all. I blame hip-hop ūüėõ

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Air Jordan Ray Allen XIII PE Update

Release date: 7/23/11

Rumored Retailers:
House of Hoops (Cambridge, MA; London, UK)
Nike Town (Newbury Street Boston, MA)
XSquared (Boston, MA)
Concepts (Boston, MA)
Bodega (Boston, MA)
Sole Fly (Miami, FL)

Supply: Undisclosed, but very limited

MSRP: $175.00

(t-shirt debuts alongside sneaker)

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Air Jordan fans, feast your eyes on these…Ray Allen XIII Player Exclusive

Ahhh finally! I’ve been waiting for these puppies since Ray set the all-time 3 pt. record against the Lakers in February. I wasn’t sure they were ever going to be available to the public. Always thought the one pair¬†would be taken off Ray’s feet, shipped¬†to the Hall of Fame and that would be that.¬†Rumors have quickly circulated that this special pair of Ray Allen XIII’s will be a limited release. The sample above is a little different than the ones he sported, which I liked better. The signature on the tongue looks a lot¬†cleaner than the bubble lettering.¬†No dates have been discussed (that I know). Updates to follow.

06/21/11 UPDATE!!! (Release info ‚Üď)

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Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux” in 4 days…

It’s been a long time coming for these. Old school sneaker¬†heads will appreciate the Bordeaux more than anyone, not having seen them on sneaker shop shelves since grammar school. If you remember this sneaker, you probably remember¬†NBA Inside Stuff and NBA on NBC (the association’s¬†heyday). I feel like people either love or hate this colorway. It’s pretty¬†representative of the early 90’s.¬†Unfortunately, they won’t be carrying the price tag they did back then. Be prepared to¬†dish out¬†$160 when they release on the 16th.

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Little Tikes Getting Dunked On… Pt. 2

Little Tikes Getting Dunked On


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Little Tikes Getting Dunked on… Part 1

Little Kids Getting Dunked On...

Oh shit… I saw this picture today and I couldn’t help myself. ¬†Its sad that this is how I think… ¬†I wish I could animate this somehow.

We’ve been on a Basketball theme pretty had this year so I figured this was appropriate.

Part 2 coming tomorrow aka next week…

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Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey Shirt…

Ray Allen’s character in¬†He Got Game


From one of my all-time fav sports flicks. I thought this idea up awhile back, but what I had in mind was a real deal authentic piece. took the cheaper route for now and made the t-shirt jersey version available on their online store.



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Devin Harris Gets Schooled…

Quick clip I stole from Yahoo of Nets Point Guard Devin Harris getting owned somewhere presumably in England by an ex-streetballer named Stuart Tanner.¬† I’m sure a full game might pan out differently but it’s always entertaining¬†to see streetball applied to the embarrasment of others!¬† Check out if you’re a fan!

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WNBA Fight…

Finally!¬†¬†A reason to watch women’s basketball… not much of a throwdown but still pretty funny.¬† Mad props to them for not pulling hair and bitch slapping.¬† They are apparently “role models” so don’t expect too much of this.¬† I like the walk through move of that one chick except she gets tossed.¬† Even the coaches couldn’t resist tossing some ladies around!


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You got Rondo’d!

Had to post a Rondo highlight for all the BBall fans or anyone checking out the Finals.¬† Definitely my favorite point guard in the league regardless of growing up a Celtics fan.¬† He brings that streetball style and great court sense that so many players don’t utilize.¬† Basically, he just fuckin fun to watch.¬† I read something in the paper about how players are using “Rondo’d” as a term for getting burned by the high flying 6 foot one incher.

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