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Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver…

Urijah Faber Jens Pulver

If you own a Television, you owe it to yourself to check out this fight Sunday night (June 1st) at 9pm on VERSUS. #1 ranked Featherweight Urijah Faber will defend his belt against Pulver who is undefeated at this weight class. VERSUS is hyping up this fight as the “Greatest Cagefight in History” and while that claim is audacious, I would have to say its not far from the truth.

I would have preferred to see Pulver take a few more fights before this one so I could get a better idea of who the fuck is gonna win this. Faber is unbelievable but Pulver has always been a dominant force at this weight class and his swift brutal submission of Cub Swanson impressed me. One thing is certain, Pulver will land shots and Faber will pull off some of his improvisional ninja moves. I’ve said it before, WEC is awesome, free, and their lighter weight divisions are sick!

Click here or on the pic for the rest of the June 1st card.


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Leonard Garcia busted on cocaine distribution charges…


The UFC & WEC fighter recognized for his epic brawl with Roger Huerta last year was indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 5 kilos of Yae, in addition to other substantive counts. Apparently he was a key member of a huge coke dealing ring in Texas that was being investigated by the DEA, U.S. Marshals, police departments across jurisdictions, and a ton of other state and federal agencies for 4 years. Looks like we won’t be seeing him fight anytime soon. Damn… 


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WEC 32…


A day late with this…but I had to make a post about what occurred in the 3rd round of the Jamie Varner-Rob McCullough fight. If you heard about the outcome but didn’t see the fight, take the results with a grain of salt. Early on in the 3rd, Rob McCullough landed a HUGE right that jacked Varner’s face sideways and threw his mouthpiece halfway across the cage. It was the type of shot that makes you cringe when they replay it in slow motion. Still wobbly, Varner actually made the “T” sign with his hands and called timeout! Frank Mir’s co-commentator made a funny comment relating the incident to when Chris Webber called a timeout when he didn’t have one to call. Mir was stunned himself, saying “I just learned something new.” It was obviously a very unconventional ending to a fight and will no doubt be looked into by McCullough’s camp.

The timeout call by Varner in attempt to recover paralleled the move by the late Diego Corrales when he purposely spit his mouthpiece out to get his legs back against Jose Luis Castillo. Corrales subsequently knocked out Castillo in what was one of the most memorable endings to a fight in the past decade. 


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WEC Results and Review…

Urijah Faber Flying Knee

If you missed WEC last night then this post is to make you feel bad.  I was expecting some pretty good fights and I was pleasantly surprised to witness some great ones.  All three Title Holders successfully defended their belts with ease except Paulo Filho who barely pulled off a 2nd round submission against a dominant Chael Sonnen.  Doug Marshall almost ripped Ariel Gandulla’s arm in half with an armbar in the 1st round. 

In a furious display on why he is one of the best P4P MMA fighters in the world, Featherweight Urijah Faber weathered a full round of Gracie BJJ Black Belt Jeff Curran on his back and then let the fireworks go in the 2nd, winning with a choke.  Faber also put on a clinic of creative spontaneity, at times pulling off moves and locks that stunned even Frank Mir.  The above picture is an example, a knee to the face off of one leg while Curran held the other.  After winning, a gracious Faber politely called out Pulver who also won.  This looks like a fight that will happen soon and should be one of the best matchups of the year.

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WEC: FREE Three Title Fight Card on Versus…


I have to admit I’m always skeptical of new MMA “leagues”, especially since Chuck Norris’ wack World Combat League. However, I fully admit I’m impressed with both IFL and most recently WEC.  International Fight League is essentially a new school PRIDE with the boxing ring and the legendary MMA fighters as coaches.  With the tournament style team setup and Bas Rutten commentating, I prefer  watching IFL over UFC’s free Fight Nights. 

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