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Barstoolsports Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Tee Shirt Line…

Punchout Tee Shirts

Nice concept. Horrible execution. +1 for sentiment. -1 for completely ignoring Little Mac. -1 for placing emphasis on tank tops. A nice simple hoodie would have sufficed. I don’t think the 8-bit gamers fit into the tank top wearing demographic. If anything, save that for T & C Surf Design retros.

Iron Mike

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Rock the Bells 2011 Line-up is looking serious…

Might have to end my streak of 9+ years without attending a hip-hop show. Rap began to dwindle circa 2000-2001 in my opinion. Even Nas was about five years late on his “Hip-Hop is Dead” record. I think that’s why the top four lines of the above poster is so appealing to me.

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You got Rondo’d!

Had to post a Rondo highlight for all the BBall fans or anyone checking out the Finals.  Definitely my favorite point guard in the league regardless of growing up a Celtics fan.  He brings that streetball style and great court sense that so many players don’t utilize.  Basically, he just fuckin fun to watch.  I read something in the paper about how players are using “Rondo’d” as a term for getting burned by the high flying 6 foot one incher.

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Boston Red Sox destroy Rockies…


I’ve never been the biggest baseball fan but I am from Boston area and I gotta give props to the Sox.  Their four game sweep of the CO “Rookies” was almost boring after the Cleveland comeback but last nights game managed to get interesting at 4-3.  Only team I’ve ever seen that needs Champagne goggles when they celebrate!  Also worth mentioning was the stomping of the Redskins by the Patriots earlier in the day at 52-7.  Props to Belicheck “The Bully” for running the score up, I love it.  Make sure you catch the massive battle next Sunday when they battle the undefeated Colts in Indy. 

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Antonio Ansaldi…

Boston’s Own…Antonio Ansaldi. At one time known for their integration of the “Stop Snitchin” t-shirt into mainstream hip-hop fashion, the Dorchester designer is now famous for their leathers, jeans and high quality hoodies. Check out their under-construction site for more info…

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Tricky Dicky: The Gold Grillin Villain Tee…


Yes thats right…  The Tricky Dicky T-Shirt from E.5.Charlie, a line outta Boston, features everyones favorite impeached prezzy with that Trick Daddy gold foil “Gangsta Grizill”.  Click the image to see the rest of their funky tee shirt line.

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