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Floyd Mayweather signs with UFC?…

I don’t know how legit some of these rumors are but I’ve read reports from more than one website stating that Floyd will be making an announcement sometime this week of his plans to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Last week he declared himself ‘retired’ from boxing, something he’s done in the past and not stayed true to. But he was about to make a big payday by fighting his second fight with De La Hoya in September. Passing up cash like that tells me he’s got something big lined up. Click the pic for the report and stay tuned for developments…

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Floyd Mayweather ‘Cinco de Mayo’ costume on sale starting at $4,000,000…

Ebay user mayweather-promotions has listed the get up worn by Floyd Mayweather in his ring entrance to the Cinco De Mayo 2007 matchup against Oscar De La Hoya. Included in the auction are the gloves, trunks, shoes, robe, and sombrero all flaunted by Money in his unmemorable pre-fight against Oscar. The auction describes virtually no details on any of the garments besides that they are “100% leather.” I don’t know…is it just me or would you want to know a little more about a costume’s design that you are about to spend $4 million on? Damn, not to mention the horrible presentation. I think they can do better than throwin $4mill on a white sheet. Click on the first pic to check the status of the auction…


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BET Iron Ring…


Iron Ring is a new MMA reality show premiering tonight on BET @ 11 PM eastern. From what I’ve heard, hip-hop personalities such as Lil Jon, Rick Ross and a few others have their own teams (assisted by UFC vets) consisting of up and coming mixed martial artists. Floyd Mayweather has supposedly got involved as well. The show seeks to put some of its fighters on the map as well as increasing MMA’s popularity in the hip-hop world. Not such a bad idea considering all the false statements I hear day in and day out about how MMA is only for white frat boys or whatever. It’s produced by former UFC affiliates so it’s a good marketing technique for the sport. They’ll also be able to make sure the show goes in the right direction.


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2007 Boxing and UFC PPV numbers…


The following is a brief breakdown of how well the UFC and HBO Boxing did in 2007 by way of PPV numbers. Obviously the popularity of both sports runs deeper than simply pay-per-view figures. I couldn’t locate a list of HBO numbers as far as each event went, but you have to take into account that De La Hoya and Mayweather are probably responsible for a majority of the PPV buys. Similarly, Rampage and Chuck had a lot to do with boosting the UFC numbers. The UFC events combined for 4,885,000 views totaling $194.5 million. UFC 70 & 75 were SPIKE events. Boxing did 4,795,000 PPV’s for $239.75.

UFC 67 – Silva v. Lutter – 400,000
UFC 68 – Slyvia v. Couture – 540,000
UFC 69 – St. Pierre v. Serra – 400,000
UFC 71 – Liddell v. Jackson II – 675,000
UFC 72 – Franklin v. Okami – 200,000
UFC 73 – Ortiz v. Evans – 425,000
UFC 74 – Couture v. Gonzaga – 520,000
UFC 76 – Liddell v. Jardine – 475,000
UFC 77 – Franklin v. Silva II – 325,000
UFC 78 – Evans v. Bisbing – 325,000
UFC 79 – Liddell v. Silva – 600,000

HBO Boxing – 4,795,000 (total) among main events including:
Mayweather v. Hatton
Cotto v. Mosley
Pacquiao v. Barrera
Hopkins v. Wright
De La Hoya v. Mayweather
Cotto v. Judah


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Floyd Mayweather breaks Big Show’s nose…


I got a kick out of this. I thought wrestling was fake? Someone forgot to remind Floyd of that. He clearly took a lot off his punches but supposedly Big Show got up all bloodied and apparently had a broken nose; probably courtesey of that left uppercut. First Dancing With the Stars now Wrestling for Money. Pretty soon Floyd Mayweather is gonna be a household name.


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Paul Williams “The Punisher”…

P. Williams is truly a freak of nature at 6’2″ in the welterweight division. He bobs and weaves like he’s 6 inches shorter and has an exciting style, throwing non-stop all 12 rounds of many fights I’ve seen. He has knockout power and lands with excellent accuracy. In my opinion if anyone can beat Floyd, it will be the Punisher. He has all the ingredients: taller, reach advantage, southpaw, good chin and power. Definately in my top 3 as far as active boxers go. He’s taking on Puerto Rican Carlos Quintana Saturday night on HBO Boxing After Dark. Andre Berto is also on the undercard. Should be an exciting night of free boxing.



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Zab Judah & Floyd Mayweather make it rain…


Zab and Floyd went all out in Las Vegas club Prive by seeing who could stunt the hardest. They supposedly were outbidding each other by buying $1000 bottles of Dom Perignon and just throwin em out to the crowd randomly. Then Pretty Boy sprayed the crowd with $5000 in cash. Guess dudes don’t learn from the Pacman Jones situation. Click the pic to read the full article and check out some of the video footage.

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Boxing Vs. MMA… (In Theory)

I’m always looking for an excuse to post a Genki Sudo video, and Tnells Floyd Mayweather post about him potentially coming to MMA made me think of this fight (albeit 3 weeks later)…  This is an extreme example for obvious reasons (350lbs vs. 145 lbs!) but historically boxers haven’t fared well in MMA.  Its worth a view for laughs anyways.  Someone needs to edit this clip with the Mike Tyson’s Punchout music and SFX.   Also funny is the Japanese announcers saying “Butt-ahhhh-beeeen”.


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Mayweather vs. De La Hoya II…


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who absolutely does not want to see the rematch of the most over-hyped fight of recent memory. How are they gonna promote the second bout when the first one was worse than disappointing? I’m predicting the PPV numbers will be less than half of what the Cinco De Mayo fight were. Shame on whoever is responsible for not getting a Miguel Cotto or Paul Williams date for Floyd Mayweather. Two fights that would be worth the hype and would actually be competitive.

On a side note, click the pic to see what IFL members had to say about Floyd making a possible transition to MMA haha…

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Andre Berto…

He’s one of the most hyped up and coming fighters. Andre reminds me so much of a young Shane Mosley. He’s scary with crazy strength and explosiveness at welter. Some predict he’d get blasted at 147 by dudes like Cintron and Cotto because of his propensity to get hit a lot, but I’m not so sure. He’s young and there’s plenty of time for him to improve, which he will. I’m looking forward to him getting some big fights in 08. Keep an eye on this cat.

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Ricky Hatton gets KTFO!!!…


A brilliant left hook counter shot sent Ricky Hatton to mat in the 10th round. He got up momentarily, only to be finished off by the P4P best fighter in the world — Floyd Mayweather. Great night for boxing. Click the gif image below for a video of the entire fight, and click the pic above for a video of the TKO.

edit: a lot of these videos are being removed due to copyright b/s. I’ll up em when I find them again. Stay tuned.



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Mayweather-Hatton in 2 Days…

The countdown is finally over. “Money” Mayweather and Ricky Hatton are all set to square of Saturday night in Las Vegas. I found one of the final press conferences via Sky Sports. Surprisingly, Hatton and Mayweather switch roles in this one. Mayweather appears all humble whereas Hatton somehow gained some cockiness. He actually gives the “throat cut” gesture to Floyd. Click on the pic to check it out. As far as the fight goes, I see Floyd Mayweather winning a decision no problem. It will easily be better than the Mayweather-De La Hoya Cinco de Mayo showdown. I have a feelin the arena is going to look a lot like the 1st fight between Bowe and Golota, except this time take out the Pollacks and replace them with Brits. We all know what happened that night…for those of you that don’t click here to watch the mayhem.

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