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Lira – The Roots Hoodie…

Lira Tree Hoodie
Lira Tree Hoodie

Kazbah bitches.  Only 50 beans.  Click the pic.

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Rocksmith’s “The Humpty Tee”…

Rocksmith The Humpty Tee

What can I say, this shirt is fuggin awesome.  I love the zebra nose.  An artistic nod of the hat to a visual hip hop icon and great MC.  What would hip hop be without the Humpty Dance?

36 Boocks on gettem while you can.

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Jeepney “Shogun Assassin” Tee…

Jeepney Shogun AssassinJeepney Shogun Assassin

Yeeeeees.  I am slowly liking the Jeepney brand more and more.  In the last year they have definitely stepped up their designs and this latest Shogun Assassin Tribute Tee is easily my favorite.  The front is an artsy rendition of the Assassin or “Lone Wolf” with the Shogun himself on the back.  A must have for any and all Kung Fu or Samurai Movie enthusiasts.  If you have never seen Shogun Assassin I would say its one of the finest films of its genre and its sequels are equally impressive.   Although Jeepney spared the films  liberal blood splattering/squirting/spraying on the tee, I still feel the need to cop this one…  Click the pics for the Kazbah link to check their entire line.


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District 81 Bandanas + Hoodies…

Since everyone loved my post about Capital Skull Bandanas, I thought I throw up the other Bandana purveyors on Kazbah, District 81.  They also design matching hoodies so you can roll ninja status like dude in the pic.  I haven’t hit the slopes yet this year but I hear Bandanas are mack status for riding on real snowy days or just covering up your ugly ass mug… lol  Check out their page they have a few different styles.  Click the pic.

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The Wire shirt: Bubble’s Depot


HBO seriously needs to consider making a deal with a good streetwear designer that could produce a decent line of clothing based on the Wire. There’s a lot of potential for some SICK designs. This particular tee isn’t a bad rough draft, especially considering it was done by HBO themselves. I’ve also seen some pretty good ones floating around Ebay, but after seeing hundreds of Scarface tees, there’s no doubt in my mind that a line of “The Wire” shirts would trump Tony Montana.

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Burton x Kid Robot “Toy Pile Up Jacket”…

Burton x Kidrobot
The fact that Burton and Kidrobot did a collabo is pretty cool.  Somehow, wasting $600 on this eye sore of a jacket should thus also be cool.  But its not cuz its so fucking ugly… ha…  And if you dump another $350 on the equally ugly pants then somehow you should be the freshest snowboarder on the hill.  But it would only make you rich, ugly, and stupid.  The purple set is just as bad.  I expect alot more from a collabo of this magnitude…

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Your Shoes Suck! Tee by Capital…

Better have your shoe game straight for this one…  From the makers of the Skull Bandana comes this tee from Capital.  If you don’t know, Capital is King of shoe shirts.  Now you know.  You may commence browsing.
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