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Monday Night MTV: Death Valley & Ridiculousness…

Death Valley is MTVs latest show designed to phase out music videos entirely. Debuts tomorrow at 10:30 after the new Rob Dyrdek show Ridiculousness at 10:00.  Looks like a Reno 911 + a George Romero movie sprinkled with some True Blood.  I enjoy the Sean of the Deadesque treatment of the undead genre almost as much as I like 28 Weeks Later style flicks.  Also keep an eye out for the upcoming “World War Z” movie starring Brad Pitt.  If they got Brad for it, its gotta be a dope movie.  Might need to check out the book too.

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28 Weeks Later…


You know I’m slipping when I don’t check the sequel to one of my favorite movies in the theatres…                                   That being said I rented this flick last night and was blown away.  If you liked the first one you will love this one as it far exceeded my expectations. 
Nato forces go into London to rebuild and repopulate 6 months after the Rage Virus wipes out mainland England.  Everything goes to shit soon after and it gets chaotic pretty quickly and stays that way until the “bloody” end (English Pun).  I’m a huge fan of vampire and zombies flicks but this is in a class of its own and definitely more of a film than anything.  Skip the rental and just buy the DVD.  I heard rumor of a 3rd film “28 Months Later” may be in the works where the virus spreads to mainland Europe and overseas. Click the pic for the trailer.

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