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Barstoolsports Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Tee Shirt Line…

Punchout Tee Shirts

Nice concept. Horrible execution. +1 for sentiment. -1 for completely ignoring Little Mac. -1 for placing emphasis on tank tops. A nice simple hoodie would have sufficed. I don’t think the 8-bit gamers fit into the tank top wearing demographic. If anything, save that for T & C Surf Design retros.

Iron Mike

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Affliction x UFC x Xtreme Couture Tee shirts…


Ever watch UFC and dug on the Affliction shirts?  When I was in LA I saw this brand in every mens clothing store I went in.  East Coast its alot harder to find.  I found this site with a good amount of Affliction plus all the UFC stars models.  Click the pic.


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