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Jesus Shuttlesworth Jersey Shirt…

Ray Allen’s character in He Got Game


From one of my all-time fav sports flicks. I thought this idea up awhile back, but what I had in mind was a real deal authentic piece. took the cheaper route for now and made the t-shirt jersey version available on their online store.



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Shadow Conspiracy Gummo tee shirt…

Inspired by the 1997 cult film Gummo, this Shadow Conspiracy “By the Cat” t-shirt pays homage to the two characters Solomon & Tummler who cruise around killing stray cats to sell to the local grocery store for use in Chinese restaurants. Weird ass movie about a small town in Ohio transformed into pure white trash after a devastating tornado. Same bizarre flick DMX is watching in one of the opening scenes of Belly.



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Your Shoes Suck! Tee by Capital…

Better have your shoe game straight for this one…  From the makers of the Skull Bandana comes this tee from Capital.  If you don’t know, Capital is King of shoe shirts.  Now you know.  You may commence browsing.
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