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Burton x Kid Robot “Toy Pile Up Jacket”…

Burton x Kidrobot
The fact that Burton and Kidrobot did a collabo is pretty cool.  Somehow, wasting $600 on this eye sore of a jacket should thus also be cool.  But its not cuz its so fucking ugly… ha…  And if you dump another $350 on the equally ugly pants then somehow you should be the freshest snowboarder on the hill.  But it would only make you rich, ugly, and stupid.  The purple set is just as bad.  I expect alot more from a collabo of this magnitude…

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Burton X Andy Warhol…

This unique collabo between Burton and The Andy Warhol Foundation has produced some interesting limited edition pieces.  I’ve always enjoyed Burton’s designs and the quality of their products is always incredible.  Its nice to see a well done homage to any legendary artist.  Hit the pic to see the line.

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