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“I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson…

Robert Matheson’s “I Am Legend”

With the movie dropping tomorrow, I thought I drop a post about the origin of the story, Richard Matheson’s novel I Am Legend – published in 1954.  I’ve been amped up to see this movie for multiple reasons; I love vampire/zombie movies, I love New York City, and I love end of the world scenarios as well as different authors and directors take on all of the above.  Apparently its a riveting read and I intend to grab a copy ASAP.  Also researching this I learned that this book has had two film adaptations, I Am The Last Man On Earth as well as The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston.  From the hype it looks like both the movie and the book deliver so check’em out.


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I Am Legend Trailer…

Coming out 12/14/07, this new flick starring Will Smith looks like it will deliver for sure.  As the last survivor of a man made plague, he must survive in NYC amongst the throngs of mutated human vampires.  As a scientist he must attempt to reverse the infection using his own immune blood.  Based on the novel by Richard Matheson.  Opening night, IMAX, I’m there…

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