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Back to the Future Dunks from 3R Customs…

3R Customs received a special request from someone who wanted a pair of dunks resembling the pair from Back to the Future II to match the colorway of the cap Marty rocked in a bunch of scenes. Pretty wild if you ask me. I’m sure this customer was hella impressed by the work of 3R (Red Ribbon Reconstruction). They even got Christopher Lloyd aka Doc Emmitt Brown and some other cast members to take some pics with the kicks.


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Urban Camo Nike Dunk Low by C2…

I’ve been keeping an eye on this C2 website for a bit. They throw down some legit designs on anything from Air Max’s to Vans. According to the official website, everything is hand painted and hand crafted, which is obviously reflected in the price of his kicks. I really like this “Urbanflauge” style that was posted recently. I think they would would look a little sicker if the swoosh was done in something other than straight up black but wtf do I know right. They got another similar style goin on with a Desert Storm theme to it. I must say they’re pretty dope too.

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‘Do the Dew’ Custom NIKE Dunk Sneakers…


The kicks date back to the 2007 contest held Mountain Dew, which gave all types of different artists from around the country an opportunity to flaunt their styles on the side of a Dew bottle. DEZ, the winner and graffiti artists then took his winning piece and combined it with a pair of NIKE Dunks and voila. Pretty dope if you ask me and if you wouldn’t mind sporting the Mountain Dew logo haha.


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