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What is ‘Super 8’ about?

Anyone? I’ve been looking forward to this movie for months, which means I probably should have made this post sooner. I have seen trailers, watched interviews, promos, and read plot summaries on wiki and imdb. Still have no clue what the deal with this movie is. Rumors include zombies, aliens, a possible prequel/sequel to Cloverfield. Reminds me of 2004 when the Village was read to be the must see summer flick. No one knew anything about it. Then everyone and their mother, brother, girlfriend left the theater on some “what the f*ck was that,” including me. Huge marketing failure. Something tells me this one is gonna be special though. Spielberg + Abrams, the mastermind behind Cloverfield. That combo can’t miss. 

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Kill the Irishman (trailer)

One of the coolest mob stories to be converted to the big screen in years. Let’s just hope it does Danny Greene’s legend justice. They’ve certainly gathered an impressive cast to make it a success. I love Rome alum Ray Stevenson as the lead role too. An authentic Irishman who will spoil us with straight goonery. Can’t wait…

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