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KG’s “Beat LA” Anta High Tops…


Kevin Garnett Custom High Tops

Mother Fucking KG is a bad bad man

Kevin Garnett has officially taken his shit-talk game to the next level… That’s right those numbers are the Boston Celtics‘ all time record vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.  Being a die hard Boston Celtics fan, I got a good laugh from this.  In all seriousness, I despise the Lakers more than any sports team on the planet and I hope Gasol and Odom die in a freak accident involving bungee cords, lube, and light explosives.

I love seeing KG aiming his Laser Death Gaze on the purple and yellow bitches before playoff season starts but this is impressive.  Granted, they are on a West Coast tour at the moment just having beat Portland they and play the Lakers on Sunday 1/30/11 where he will debut these bad ass kicks while dropping a fat double-double in Gasol’s ugly fuckin face.  Sorry, I get carried away…  Click here for some more images or here for Game Highlights.


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