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Cotto vs. Margarito lives up to hype…

All I can say is damn! I rank Saturday’s welterweight showdown between Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto as fight of the year easily and definately in my top 5 of best fights I’ve ever witnessed live. Tony Margarito is an absolute machine! Cotto landed clean, hard ass punches all night that didn’t phase Tony one bit. He just kept coming forward until the pressure finally got to Cotto.  To watch the full fight, use this link:


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Miguel Cotto vs. Antonio Margarito Link…

Tonight’s fight is being dubbed matchup of the decade by many. Two of the busiest and toughest fighters in boxing today. The Mexico-Puerto Rico rivalry helps a bit too. It would be a smart idea to check it out either tonight or next week when HBO replays it for free. I’ve also done plenty of searching for links and come up with a few leads. First check every hour or so as they update which online TV players (Sopcast, TVU, etc) are playing it and which channel to tune into. Also, I’ve been told that the following links will stream the fight live so check them out around fight time.


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Joe Calzaghe vs. Roy Jones booked for September…

We all knew it was a matter of time before this fight was finalized. It was either Joe C taking on a past-his-prime Roy or a mega fight with middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik. Well Calzaghe’s promoter Frank Warren was leaning towards Pavlik for Calzaghe’s could be last fight before retirement. Calzaghe thought otherwise and fired his longtime promoter. The result is a September 20th Madison Square Garden fight for Jones and Calzaghe. Although the boxing community would have preferred a Pavlik-Calzaghe matchup, Jones still brings a lot to the table at 39 and will be no pushover for the undefeated Welshman especially considering his dominating performance over Tito Trinidad. Stay tuned for updates including training videos, press conferences, and so on.

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Paul Williams gets revenge on Carlos Quintana in impressive fashion…

I’m a little late with this but I had to up the video of Paul Williams’ devastating 1st round knockout of Carlos Quintana on June 7th in Connecticut. I remember watching their first fight and telling myself something was horribly wrong with Williams. No way should a 6’2″ 147 lb’er with as much talent as the Punisher get dominated like he did. Well, apparently he worked out the kinks because it took him less than one round to get his redemption and beat the absolute shit out of Quintana. “South Carolina standup!” Haha.

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Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe…

2 days until the fight the whole world has been waiting for. Wales native with a super work rate Joe Calzaghe faces the slick 43 year old Philadelphian Bernard Hopkins in Vegas this Saturday on regular HBO (Championship Boxing). It marks the first time Joe will cross the pond and fight on U.S. soil. Calzaghe wants to improve his record to an impressive 45-0 and prove the haters wrong who disregard European boxers. Hopkins, on the other hand, attempts to solidify his legend status by beating one of the best pound for pound fighters of the era. Check the links below for the countdown special that aired last weekend on HBO.

Countdown Part I

Countdown Part II

Countdown Part III

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Miguel Cotto vs. Alfonso Gomez & Antonio Margarito vs. Kermit Cintron…

Nice little doubleheader of welterweight action tonight on HBO. First up is the much anticipated rematch between Antonio Margarito (35-5) and Kermit Cintron (29-1), two hard hitting latinos. Cintron’s corner threw in the towel during the first fight, leaving Cintron in tears. MMA fans may remember Cintron as being one of the boxers who challenged Dana White to a fight with one of his top fighters. It obviously never happened. In the main event, Alfonso Gomez takes on feared Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto in a fight I honestly don’t see going the distance. Gomez is known for his appearence on NBC’s contender, his most notable victory a KO over Arturo Gatti that ended Gatti’s career. With a win, Cotto will most likely face the winner of Margarito-Cintron, hopefully setting him up for Mayweather in early 2009.

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The Wire actress Felicia Pearson aka Snoop…


Now that HBO series The Wire has sadly come to a close, many of the actors and actresses from the show who are virtually unheard of need a place in the acting game. Chris Partlow’s right hand ‘girl’ and one of Marlo’s top enforcers, Snoop whose real name is Felicia Pearson, gets with SOHH to discuss her future as author, actress & rapper. Felicia is known for being one of the most authentic characters from the show, being an ex-convict and hood from Baltimore. Click the above image to read the article and check out a brief interview with Snoop in addition to other stars from The Wire. And hit up the book link below to read about Felicia’s biography @






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