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“La Haine” AKA “Hate” the film…

La Haine Trailer from Nicolas Heller on Vimeo.

I first saw this as a film major at Emerson College about 9 years ago.  Shortly thereafter I quit film school when I realized that 98% of “films” are nowhere near as amazing as this one.  If you can’t handle subtitles, (the whole film is in French) then you should stop being a fucking pussy, learn how to read, and watch this incredible film.

Love the black and white and the three main characters and acting are amazing.  The social, racial and economic issues are always at the fore front here as the French projects get crazy after a Muslim youth is beaten into a coma by reckless cops.  Referred to as the French “Boys in The Hood”, La Haine really gives you a great insight into French B-boy and street culture and makes you realize its really no different then our own.  The racial unity is also a refreshing change of scenery.  The below scene is Cut Killer dropping some anti-cop dopeness on his hood, one of my favorite scenes.

Couldn’t find the trailer in English Subtitles but check it out on Netflix where it rocks a five star rating.  The ending gives me chills no matter how many times I see this…

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“COLD” – Trailer…

“For the past 26 years 16 expeditions have tried and failed to climb one of pakistan’s 8,000 meter peaks in winter.”

This trailer alone gave me the chills.  With all the media frenzy around NFL, NBA, MLB and all the other mainstream sports, extreme athletes like these hardly ever get noticed and they are making historical achievements and nearly killing themselves in the process.  -51 degrees F?  Insane…  I think what these guys do is absolutely incredible.  I can’t even imagine the conditioning and perseverance it takes to climb a 21,000+ foot peak in the summer let alone the winter.

I love the candid line at the beginning, “What the FUCK am I doing here???”

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28 Weeks Later…


You know I’m slipping when I don’t check the sequel to one of my favorite movies in the theatres…                                   That being said I rented this flick last night and was blown away.  If you liked the first one you will love this one as it far exceeded my expectations. 
Nato forces go into London to rebuild and repopulate 6 months after the Rage Virus wipes out mainland England.  Everything goes to shit soon after and it gets chaotic pretty quickly and stays that way until the “bloody” end (English Pun).  I’m a huge fan of vampire and zombies flicks but this is in a class of its own and definitely more of a film than anything.  Skip the rental and just buy the DVD.  I heard rumor of a 3rd film “28 Months Later” may be in the works where the virus spreads to mainland Europe and overseas. Click the pic for the trailer.

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