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Kick ’em when they’re down!

This was delightfully unexpected and perectly appropriate. I almost feel bad for these dudes. Not really though. Haha! No Amaechi but the video actually makes you ask yourself hmmm..they always do have joint press conferences. Always a bit too goofy together. Just sayin…

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Dallas Mavericks in 6 bitches!

Dallas Mavs win in 6

So I have to gloat that I called this shit.  And I really have to gloat because I did so on my old college buddies D-Wade Facebook Profile picture, thus ruining it forever.  I really wanted to rub it in but she prob already hates me and her life so I resisted the urge…  After they swept LA with a sick performance, I thought it was pretty obvious who would win the trophy, but to the Heat’s credit I thought the Mavs were going to beat the Bulls.


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Steve Nash calls ref a fuckin’ bitch…doesn’t get tossed

I’m all for the “respect for the game” technical foul policy that the NBA implemented this year. Problem is, they absolutely blow at enforcing it universally. The same thing happened a few years back when they experimented with it. You can’t T a dude up for shrugging his shoulders or raising his eyebrows; then turn a cheek when a dude is coming at you like this. Lebron and D-Whistle CONSTANTLY whine to the officials about the slightest contact, as do Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant. They rarely get called for technicals. Nate Robinson shrugs his shoulders and immediately gets T’d up in an almost comical fashion. Call it one way or the other you fuckin bitches.
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