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Wladimir Klitschko vs. David Haye

This is one of the more notable heavyweight clashes of recent years in a sport once dominated by the big guys. I just checked out the weigh in. Both fighters are shredded. Something your rarely find today. From what I’ve seen as of late, the majority of modern day heavies are cut older and flabbier than everyone below them in weight class. I am actually excited to tune into this one however. Haye has the more aggressive style and is someone that can actually give Klitschko some trouble for once. On the other side, Klitschko is content on throwing a lot of stiff jabs waiting for the perfect time to unleash the biggest right hand in the game. A lot of former pros have Haye getting to Klitschko and winning it either on points or via early KO. I couldn’t disagree more. Klitschko is too big and strong, close enough to his prime, and way too motivated to shut Haye’s mouth. Probably his hardest fight in 5+ years but I fully expect him to emerge as the victor.

Catch it on HBO 7/2/11 4:45 PM Live from Hamburg, Germany

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David Haye calls out Klitschko…

After his impressive 2nd round KO victory over Enzo Maccarinelli, David Haye spoke on the status of the heavyweight division and what he can do to help it. He went as far as to say that “Wlad Klitschko is digracing the division.” He better count his blessings, one right hand from the Steel Hammer will have Haye wishing he never moved up. Wlad’s brother Vitali making his comeback will also help give the HW division a little boost.


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Anderson Silva wants to box?…

In one of Anderson Silva’s recent post-fight interviews, he stated he would like to challenge the “185 champ” in boxing to show the world that the MMA stand up game is as technical as the sweet science. Silva should educate himself a little better prior to making such challenges being that there is no 185 division in boxing. He could choose between the 175 Light Heavy division or the 190 Crusiwerweight division. David Haye (above) and Enzo Maccarinelli fight tonight in a 190 unification bout on Showtime 9 ET…two guys Anderson would potentially face. Either way, I see it ending horribly for Anderson. He has 2 professional boxing bouts (1-1) under his name. Gotta do better than that if he wants to see the top dogs. This would be Michael Jordan leaving basketball for baseball all over again.

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