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GI Joe Collection…

I cut my viral teeth on these fucking clips.  I thought I had seen them all but looks like I missed a few.  Love em and love that someone put them into a collection so I don’t spend a fucking hour clicking all over YouTube.

Short.  Awkward. Genius.

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Update: Have to click this vid and watch this shit on YouTube.  Fuck you Sony!

I’m a filthy dubstep remix addict… You know this dude (Gene Kelly)  just smashed a “Slump-Buster” and “Got his Swagga Back”.  This is totally what that feels like which is why it makes me piss myself laughing.  This one is my new personal favorite via SaladUK who consistently kills these dubstep mashups.

And props to Gene Kelly for killing “Singing in the Rain”.  Dude is rocking the robot, popping, ticking, all kinds of sick moves for 19-fucking-52.  Respect!!


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Rebecca Black – Death Metal Friday…

I’m a huge fan of video mashups.  So when I saw this Death Metal cover on YouTube’s homepage I knew it had to be worth it.  Doing my due diligence this Rebecca Black chick apparently made “The Worst Song in The World”, got 36 million YouTube hits as a result, and the backlash has been fairly epic.  NO you shouldn’t see how bad it is for yourself just trust me and watch the clever Death Metal Version ridicule this poor bitch!   Props to the kids who made it, Jarett Norton and Danny Dodge.

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