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49ers vs. Raiders fans brawl [video]

Homeboy in the Joe Montana jersey is going hard the entire duration of this little fan brawl. After watching this clip about three times I’m pretty convinced he caved in around three people. Hard to tell which side he’s on. Basically does his best Tank Abbott impression and goes after anyone within his reach.

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Chick fight at Ocala Race Track…

I guess I’d be failing if I didn’t post a video of a brawl that included g-strings/ass, titties, and weaves being ripped out. Getting your ass kicked while naked = double whammy. To their defense they were outnumbered. Obviously no type of girl code in this one. Enjoy.


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WNBA Fight…

Finally!  A reason to watch women’s basketball… not much of a throwdown but still pretty funny.  Mad props to them for not pulling hair and bitch slapping.  They are apparently “role models” so don’t expect too much of this.  I like the walk through move of that one chick except she gets tossed.  Even the coaches couldn’t resist tossing some ladies around!


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Hopkins-Wright Weigh In Brawl


Bernard Hopkins and Winky Wright got things rolling a day early at the weigh-ins. The 42 year-old Philadelphian hall-of-famer bitch slapped “Twinky” Wright, setting off an altercation between their entourages. Be ready for these light heavies to bring it tonight. To see the weigh-in video, click the image.


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