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Sailor Jerry Rum and Clothing…


The other day whilst shopping for a new bottle of booze, I decided to pass on the Appleton Estate and instead grabbed a bottle of 92 proof Sailor Jerry Rum.  Doing some research, i found out Sailor Jerry is the Jedi Master O.G. of tattooing and a brand sprung from his prodigees to honor his legacy.  Truth be told it tastes better than Captain, its cheaper, it has a higher proof, and I suppose its cooler now that I know the story behind it.  Captain and Jack are my go-to booze for a night out, but at home I’m now a Sailor Jerry fan.

Not only do they make and sell some of the best rum I’ve tasted in a long time but they have a ridiculous clothing line of tattoo inspired designs, selling everything from shirts to corsets.  This  brand cuts Captain Morgans throat and pops a buck shot in Ed Hardy’s chest.  I even had to give it 2 pics…


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