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Oregon duck throws a beatdown…

The Oregon Duck got suspended for a game for egging on the Houston Cougar and eventually mounting and pounding him out. He also threw a kick to the mid-section of the Cougar who was doing his signature push-ups at mid-field after a score. Nice battle of mascots. The Cougar didn’t want none.

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Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia…

When I was in LA last year I attended an interesting underground panel of well known comedians basically slandering/exposing Carlos Mencia for about an hour.  Why? Mencia steals the majority of “his” material.  The other day I saw The Video of Joe Rogan shitting on Mencia’s face.  If you didn’t already know Rogan was The People’s Champ, now you do…  Check out Joe’s blog for more details.

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