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Devin Harris Gets Schooled…

Quick clip I stole from Yahoo of Nets Point Guard Devin Harris getting owned somewhere presumably in England by an ex-streetballer named Stuart Tanner.  I’m sure a full game might pan out differently but it’s always entertaining to see streetball applied to the embarrasment of others!  Check out if you’re a fan!

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WNBA Fight…

Finally!  A reason to watch women’s basketball… not much of a throwdown but still pretty funny.  Mad props to them for not pulling hair and bitch slapping.  They are apparently “role models” so don’t expect too much of this.  I like the walk through move of that one chick except she gets tossed.  Even the coaches couldn’t resist tossing some ladies around!


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You got Rondo’d!

Had to post a Rondo highlight for all the BBall fans or anyone checking out the Finals.  Definitely my favorite point guard in the league regardless of growing up a Celtics fan.  He brings that streetball style and great court sense that so many players don’t utilize.  Basically, he just fuckin fun to watch.  I read something in the paper about how players are using “Rondo’d” as a term for getting burned by the high flying 6 foot one incher.

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